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Flock Beta



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    I will say the Blog Editor part spits out some ugly ass coding...

    This is just a test of the new <a target="_blank" href="">Flock Browser</a> which is basically Firefox with some un-needed bells and whistles, like this Blog Editor for starters...<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><br /></span><p>Urgh, I have grown to loathe WYSIWYG editors, and this one pretty much sucks ass.<br /></p><p>I dunno, I'm not so sure we need *another* Mozilla based browser, but what do I know<br /></p>
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    Whats wrong with going to your site and logging in to post? OMFG it requires 3 clicks!!!11
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    Yeah, I installed it, messed around for 30 minutes then uninstalled it

    I dont need a "social" browser like that, I need an anti-social browser
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    I for one, think the integration awesome. The blogging is stupid though. They say a lot can change though because it's in early development.
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    Yeah I really like the integration.. that's the only thing that really interested me with it. Not enough to hold my attention though.
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    I've played with it more. Only just setting up a blog on my site the intergration doesn't really effect me yet.

    I'd still like to see it more as an extension and theme pack though. I'm not a coder but it doesn't look like they've done much beyond the normal firefox.
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    3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited November 2005
    /me awww that's how you do that..... sweet
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    Played with it a bit... the feature list is nice, but the implementation is sucky.

    Take the delicious integration as an example. They didn't so much integrate it as they did a wholesale replacement of the firefox bookmarks functionality. So all the other things Firefox did right - from bookmark keywords, to bookmarking sets of tabs - gone. Not to mention no current way to mark bookmarks private such as bookmarklets, bookmarks to local private development servers, or anything else you'd consider 'sensitive' and wouldn't want to publish to the world.

    Theres other nitpicky things I saw that I'm sure will come with time (like lack of flexibility in their blogging UI). As a browser they did a pretty good job of not screwing things up so its got a good core and I do look forward to what they do with the feedback they're getting, because the idea is a worthy one.

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    i've been using it for a while and while it definitely has some things that need to be sorted out i really like it -- i absolutely love the delicious integration in particular.
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