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Bug in Vanilla2

edited December 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
After the installation everything looks good, but when you look at source HTML code in browser you wil find these error:
<ul id="Definitions" style="display: none;"> <li id="TransportError">A fatal error occurred while processing the request.<br />The server returned the following response: %s</li> <li id="TransientKey">XEVLRU1U4SB8</li> <li id="WebRoot">http://for.localhost/</li> <li id="ConfirmHeading">Confirm</li> <li id="ConfirmText">Are you sure you want to do that?</li> <li id="Okay">Okay</li> <li id="Cancel">Cancel</li>


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    But, as I said, in browser everything looks good. How can I fix this error?
    Thank you!
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    Hi @Kirill - This is not an error as such, its "normal" for it to appear.

    These are "hidden" messages that are used by the JavaScript parts, such as popups etc, in order to handle stuff like translations, AJAX posting, etc.
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    @benno - thank you for your reply! But I don't think that it's normal, because it is an error. Look what google see;lr=&amp;q="A+fatal+error+occurred+while+processing+the+request"+inurl:discussions&amp;aq=f&amp;oq=&amp;aqi=
    A lot of sites with this error... is it good and normal?
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    @Kirill - I've just checked the source code, its not an error as such, as in, nothing is wrong and no problem has occured. It's just there as template wording, in case there is an error and it uses that wording, and replaces %s with whatever the problem was.

    Good spot with the Google results, as although its hidden in a browser, its not hidden in Google's eyes.

    I wonder if this would be better just declared as script block with a JavaScript array within it or something?

    I wonder if @Mark has an opinion?
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    Who often searches for fatal error occurred? Not saying that is the best way to handle the display of errors.

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    @benno, yes, it's not hidden from search engines eyes - that's the problem. Not only Google, every search engine see this and it can bring problems:

    1. SE see that your site is full of mistakes and errors

    2. Dublicated content

    May be it's possible to comment this code somewere? (I can't find)

    @Immersion, If I understand you correct (I'm not english speaking men and my english is poor) I should say, that I did't say that someone serches for fatal errors, I just show that I'm not alone with this thing.
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    Good Catch @Kirill. I was trying to debug that error myself for a while. It has completely ruined my site's rank on Google. I need to start all over again.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I hadn't even considered that Google would downrank for text like that in a page. I needed a way to get translations into javascript, and this was the first thing that came to mind. I could ajax translations in as I need them, but that would be time-consuming and slow ajax calls down. I could also put them into hidden inputs instead - would Google read them if they were in hidden inputs?
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    @Mark, if you'll be able to see it in your browser opening "HTML source page" Google will see it too.
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    @Kirill - If your looking to change it with imediate effect have a look at /library/core/class.controller.php at around line 424. You could maybe change the wording for now, but obviously you'll need to bear in mind that your changes may be lost when you upgrade.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @Mark Here's an example of how vBulletin does it:
    <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- // vB Phrases vbphrase["wysiwyg_please_wait"] = "Please wait for the WYSIWYG editor to finish loading..."; vbphrase["wysiwyg_initialized"] = "WYSIWYG Editor initialized for %1$s in %2$s seconds."; vbphrase["wysiwyg_command_invalid"] = "This command is invalid or not implemented."; vbphrase["moz_must_select_text"] = "Mozilla requires that you must select some text for this function to work"; //--> </script>
    That's probably far safer.
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    @benno, thank's I'll try to do it!
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