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How about those sub categories?

CodersCoders New
edited December 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
any chance of sub categories for v2? like a drop down box so lets say u have

General v



and it drops down, that would be pretty cool.


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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited December 2009
    This would require a plugin.

    My (tangentially related) plan is to create a set of tags/labels for each category. So say I have 3 top categories: Tech, Gaming, and Lifestyle. Then under Tech I have (checkbox) labels like: Graphics, Processors, Memory, Overclocking, Cooling, etc. Then if someone has a problem related to both their Processor and Memory, they won't scratch their head deciding how to categorize it. My first tier categories are either/or, but I find my second tiers have a lot of overlap so this is the compromise I'm looking to work out.
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    I agree with Lincon. The concept of categories and subcategories is so rigid and old. Tagging is the right way to go.

    Let us know when you start working on it.
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    wtf? epic!!!
    let me know when its up on your repo. sounds like a good plan. tagging is awesome.
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    edited January 2010
    Lincoln, I think this would be an excellent addition to Vanilla 2! Have you had a chance to work on such code?

    I'm scratching my head, wondering if tags need to relate to multiple categories - ie:

    // Construct the tag table.


    ->PrimaryKey('TagID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Column('Tag', 'varchar(30)')

    ->Set(FALSE, FALSE);

    // Construct the category to tag table.


    ->PrimaryKey('CategoryTagID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Column('TagID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Column('CategoryID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Set(FALSE, FALSE);

    // Construct the discussion to tag table.


    ->PrimaryKey('DiscussionTagID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Column('TagID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Column('DiscussionID', 'int', FALSE, 'primary')

    ->Set(FALSE, FALSE);

    Where you could have say a Recipes forum (yes, lame example), with categories such as Appetizers, Desserts, Drinks. With tags, such as Sugar, Ice, Lemon, Frosting, Bread. The breakdown could look like:

    Appetizers: Bread, Lemon

    Desserts: Sugar, Lemon, Frosting

    Drinks: Sugar, Lemon

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited January 2010
    @ArmoredMBZ I haven't been coding the last 2 weeks; clients have taken precedence. This is something I need before I migrate one of my sites, however, so it's definitely still on the front burner.

    I hadn't planned to make tags cross-category. Is this academic curiosity or did you need it to work that way?
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    Purely academic curiosity - and after sleeping on it, I think it's probably overkill. I do, however, look forward to peeking at your code when your clients decide to leave you alone ;)
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