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A few ideas, or '"In this Discussion" list update via JS on new Post?'

edited February 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hey all,

As it's probably not much work (and annoyed me in this very forum 2 minutes ago), maybe I'll write a quick bit of JS to update the "In this Discussion" list in the sidebar when my new post is inserted in the webpage. I was peeved because it broke the illusion of my having just replied and seeing the latest content. In a similar vein, I wonder how much harder it might be to auto-ping for updates or some similar tech. to have it update a discussion live, Gmail/Buzz-style. That wouldn't then be much to extend into a full on chat service, Facebook be damned! ;-)

@Mark or whoever, want any help with docs or anything? I've been thinking of writing down notes or tutorials about this or that as I encounter it. How much is still likely to change in the future? Any ideas about rich- or even lightweight text editors, or should they be added as plugins? How about stuff like Facebook/Buzz where URLs are auto-fetched and images/video easily embedded?

Right now I'm trying to prototype, from scratch in about a weekend, an style website that's less generic and perhaps a bit more advanced, while also trying to figure out/mimic whatever you're using for Pages/Documentation and as a Blog on this site. I'm thinking I can then convert whatever I come up with into a plugin or app for the Addons area, in addition to trying to get various parts of York University using it as one alternative to Moodle (ungh).

Great to see Vanilla will be around for some time now with the commercial offerings and all, I've enjoyed it since I saw that unique spark of design half a decade ago, and I'm glad to reacquaint myself with it after fooling with Rails, Drupal, Joomla, SMF, PunBB, SilverStripe, CakePHP, Google App Engine, jQuery-Claypool...and more: Each has unique strengths and weaknesses, and I'll be interested to see where Vanilla's are right now, and what exactly I'll be able to build on it without too much hassle. Of course, I'm sure you've some idea where Garden/Vanilla is most weak right now, and it's a stretch to compare anything to Google App Engine, or to a JavaScript CMS. But with a bit more commenting and documentation, I think Garden is on to something. I'm not sure yet exactly how the database modelling works, but what I've seen has to be better than the repetitive nature of CakePHP or Joomla.

Oh and why isn't featured more? I like that look, especially if there's a one-liner desc. for each category, and if recent posts can be condensed into 1 line each or with smaller font sizes. Gives a nice overview of what's in each category along with what's new overall in the forum. Of course, then, the Category list on the side feels redundant, kinda like the category list on Google News.

Just my 2¢, let me know what y'all think ;-)

Louis, since 2005 (!?!!)


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    lucluc ✭✭
    edited February 2010
    1. I guess, go ahead and propose the update for this plugin

    2. There is already a parameter for new comments to show up automatically in the discussion you're in.
    On a busy forum, that might kill your server. (I'm the server support for a metaforum based forum (highly customized since with more features than the base (, sorry it's in french), auto-update of discussions and comments (default 10 sec, upped to 30 sec), no posting limit, etc..., when we've got around 500 users connected the server begins to slow down, it's better than when I got charge of this, as apache2/mod_php was under when it reached 200 only).
    The answer will surely come from Web Sockets, but it's not there yet, especially via proxy.

    3. The blog part is using wordpress.

    4. Everything you write might just well be addons, yes. Heck, vanilla is just that too :)

    5. Categories, I guess that's because Mark doesn't really like the category model.
    I agree, some are necessary, but to navigate through a forum, especially if you're there often enough, you just want the latest first.
    Here, the category page is still readable, but if you've got tens of them, that's really not very user friendly.
    For me categories should be things of the past, use tags now. And latest discussion first with all tags mixed. Of course, you should have a way to filter one or some particular tags when you want to catch up, and globally, so it doesn't show those discussions on your latest discussion page.
    For instance, most people here would like to be able not to get that silly testing category shown.
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