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Computer junk sale....

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So my mums making me tidy up. Here's where to be to get some bargains... Think of something about 5 years old and i probably have it. So far i've dug up: 2x 18.2gig fujitsu SCSI drives Sony STD9000 tape streamer Scsi CDROM dual p2 motherboard (With scsi raid) double sided server case If anyone would like anything i'm taking offers of £1 and up...


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    double sided server case? pics?
  • I'll get some when i'm home. It's basically a double width case divided in two with a mobo mount in one side and a shitton of room in the other for PSU's and drives in the other.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    ahh, ok then, I was hoping it could host 2 ATX boards and then some. I'm always looking for a good, cheap, double sided case so I can throw some old parts in it :D
  • um. Well it could hold another atx board but all the ports would face inwards...
  • I'd be interested in the SCSI boards. I've an old IBM Intellistation that I currently use as a webserver that always needs more hard drive space. Don't spose you have a PIII 500 floating about as well ? Oh and some 512mb dimms.
  • Um, i'm pretty sure i have a p3 lying around somewhere, whether its a 500 or not (or infact whether it works) i'm not sure. I'll see if i can dig it out. As for the 512meg dimms, what speed? I have a ton of random ram (how coincidental) laying around but the older stuff likely isnt 512meg and the newer stuff i dont really wanna be giving away.
  • The IBM takes 100mhz memory. They don't have to be 512mb, just the bigger the better. I meant SCSI discs not boards btw.
  • edited October 2005
    FYI, the disks are Fujitsu MAA3182SP's if you'd like to check theyre the right type or whatever. I've never used scsi so i dont have much knowledge about it. As a pointer, all the parts listed made up an entire working system, although the mobo only had one CPU fitted and i havent as yet managed to get a pair running (though i see no reason they shouldnt) I got the system free from school and planned to setup a nix server or something to muck around with on it but i'm just too lazy and it's taking up way too much room. Perhaps i'll get a mini atx box to do the same job. Turns out i have 2 PC100 256meg DIMMs on my sofa. Not quite sure where they came from. I have a crazy amount of junk to say i didnt pay for any of it. I dont think.. Hmmmm. And i have some pics of it all but for some reason my phone doesnt want to connect as an external
  • Is the mboard a Supermicro ? I once built a 2x PIII 800 system using what sounds like a similar board. The SCSI drives should be OK. The IBM has 2 different connectors and I have a couple of adaptors floating about somewhere.
  • I cant find any ID on the board but i'm reasonably sure its an intel board. I'll have a better look later and google the random codes i find on it to see if i can come up with anything. Which country are you in, btw?
  • Mini, can I buy YOU, then I'd pet you.
  • if the price is right...
  • I'm in Cumbria, Northern England. Big place full of sheep :)
  • cumbria? no shit! That's about 3 stones throw from here.
  • Mini! Don't throw stones, they aggravate the sheep.
  • FYI i just found another 2 sticks of what i think is pc100 (one 64 and i guess the other is 256) and a couple of pc133.
  • I have an old P120 hanging around somewhere I think. Vintage stuff.

    Maybe NASA will want it?
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