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I'm Gonna be That Guy

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Hey folks.

Long time user of Vanilla 1. I can't go to another forum software…Vanilla is just awesome, so big props to the entire community. If I had any competence with programming outside of CSS, I'd love to help.

That aside, I'm going to risk asking a terribly annoying question, but I just need to. I'm on the cusp of setting up a new community with Vanilla, and my dilemma is whether to put the time/energy into installing/customizing/skinning a stable Vanilla 1 release, or waiting until Vanilla 2 is nice and stable. I'd love a recommendation from you all, being close to the project, on what you think is the better decision.

So judging on how the project is going, do you think a stable V2 release is close enough that I should wait? Will the update process from V1 to V2 be smooth enough that I could put energy into V1 that won't be entirely lost in an upgrade later?

Any sense of timing would be ace. Otherwise, keep it up, and I'll enjoy it when I get it.

Great work,


  • Maybe one of the first questions you could ask is, are there any addons for vanilla 1 that you need/want to use with your new forum that arn't available for vanilla 2.
  • Honestly, no, there aren't any addons I'd required right away for vanilla 2. The community can start very basic. I'd just want to be sure the basic structure will be stable.
  • From the end user perspective both Vanilla 1 and Vanilla 2 are similar in structure. There will be an upgrade path from Vanilla 1 to Vanilla 2 as well, so it *might* be safer to just go with 1 now and upgrade when 2 is released...
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    I've personally put 2-3 potential projects on hold because I'm waiting for Vanilla's definitely going to be a hit. Besides, there's nothing like a clean install with a brand new software to get things started on the right foot.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    @jtyler We're looking at a release of RC1 in the very very near future, and after that we will be releasing v2.0 when the RC1 bugs are all fixed. I know there is nothing concrete in there, date wise, but we're actually quite close now.

    Hopefully this helps :)

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  • It does help, thanks @Tim. Meanwhile.. that @ feature is pretty slick.

    Looking forward to this guys!
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