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So... I nearly bought an iMac today....

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
edited November 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hungover to fuck today, ambled in to the local Mac reseller to show my girlfriend what ipods look like...


The new 20inch one is so luveeeeeellyyyyyyy...... I nearly tried to buy it on the spot, although none in stock as it turns out.

Been thinking about it for ages - since getting G5s at work, my XP laptop is starting to look more than tired, so I think it's time to make the big switch. Working at 1024/768 is not very good for designing.

(The only problem is my Sony MP3 player is PC only, so I'll have to keep using my laptop to put new music on it... a minor annoyance)

Reckon I might order one next week :-)


  • PS. Yeah, err sorry for the pointless post.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2005
    I just got a new VAIO.
    I love it.
  • Awww the joy of new things!

    If only it didn't fade so fast.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2005
    My joy is not fading at all :)

    I had and worked with my old laptop for the last three years. It was insanely slow and the screen (when compared with the new vaio screen, especially) was barely readable. I don't think I've put this new laptop down for longer than ten minutes since it arrived on my front doorstep.
  • My problem is lusting for things and then not using them... currently I have a guitar and a set of decks with mixer just collecting dusk... so I'm going to be more cautious about buying a new computer this time.

    There was me thinking you would be on Mac, but i guess most coders are on PC?
  • that link doesnt work, mark. What version is it? I had been looking at the vaios in my quest to find a nice laptop. I must say the xblack/trubrite lcd's really are a ton better than the standard laptop screens.
  • "My problem is lusting for things and then not using them..."

    Trust me, I'm sure you'll use a new iMac!

    Buy one, or two, they're sweet...
  • This is the correct link if I'm not mistaken:
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited November 2005
    "Trust me, I'm sure you'll use a new iMac!"

    Damn straight... it is the one purchase I can fully justify as I would be using it every day for sure.

    Lol, yeah I should get a second one for the kitchen... and maybe one for the bathroom as well...
  • I have one, its incredible. go buy.
  • Stu, do you find it noisy/hot ever?

    I was looking at the 20inch one today... the screen looks hugeeeeeee!
  • Ahh, yeah i have a link open to an FS slightly lower down the range. I think that one mark has is a little out my budget but i found one for 999 which is still pretty kickass. How are you finding everything about it mark?
  • Mine is only ever slightly noisy when I'm creating mixdowns in Garageband, but it's silent the rest of the time. The back gets a little warm, but I havent turned this things off in weeks, its 10 times quieter, hotter and more reliable than my last PC.

    I have the 20 inch, not the most recent release with the integrated iSight, its a great screen, I use it for watching films and stuff all the time since it's so much better than my TV.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    ADM is right on the money - I fixed my link, too.
  • Yeah, I've got the previous 20" iMac too. They're wonderful computers. Even nicer if you go wireless keyboard/mouse. (Although I still have one cable coming out front, damn Wacom not making a bluetooth Intuos tablet...)
  • yeah i figured that wireless is the way to go with the mouse and the keyboard... when are they gonna invent wireless power systems so there's no leads at all!

    you can't get a wireless mighty mouse yet though?

    also was wondering if you can get usb tv tuners for use in the uk???
  • Firewire and USB2 tv tuners for terrestrial and Freeview + PayTv
  • edited November 2005
    I went for wired kb and mouse. Why? extra two USB ports on the keyboard, ideal for memory sticks, and because I can't be arsed to keep scrambling for batteries all the time. I have a Mighty Mouse now, which is well worth getting.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited November 2005
    Batteries, shit, didn't think of that one! Hmm.

    Elgato looks good, cheers.
  • I've had my wireless mouse and keyboard for 6 odd months, and they're still only halfway through their first set of batteries. It's really not an issue at all
  • "damn Wacom not making a bluetooth Intuos tablet" - i might be wrong but i'm pretty sure i remember seeing a bluetooth tablet advertised somewhere... you might wanna take a hunt if it bothers you.
    I have a diNovo wireless keyb and mouse for my pc which i'd like to keep if i can get some mac software for it. The mouse is rechargable and the keyboard doesnt use batteries *that* quickly.

    What would be cool is a wireless keyboard with usb ports (i know it'd use the batteries quicker but it'd still be neat for occasional use)

    I think i could live with a wired keyboard, but i do like freedom with my mouse.

    What's so mighty about the mightymouse? Sorry to be anti-mac but doesnt it just do what pc mice have been doing for years?
  • the mightymouse - yeah exactly - but think how revolutionary the idea of more than button is to all those mac zealots!!!!!!

    it's great spin... when i was in the shop the sales guy was givining a demo to a couple next to me, and spent a good few minutes hyping up the fact that it could.... gasp... scroll... and right and middle click..... hahahahaaha
  • Now Mark, take the vaio and put a bullet through of it.

    I have had it with Sony products and I will no longer endorse their overpriced products, and at a later date I will do something about this tattoo.
  • To be honest, the vaio line of laptops arent particularly overpriced. If you look for the same spec in a dell or whatever (not that theyre perfectly priced either) you're not saving too many pennies. And the vaios come with the Xblack displays and the new line really are very sexy/thin/light.
  • Yes but it still doesn't change the fact that Sony is going to fuck you in the ass eventually at somepoint and you are funding their insane campaing of "everything not generally agreed on."

    Like, Blu-Ray, their supid Memory sticks, their Atrack audio encoding, and their latest fuck up of the RootKit in Sony-BMG music CDs.
  • iMac ordered today :-)

    20inch with a gig o' ram.

    XP rest in peace. (Although I'm gonna keep my laptop running as a stripped down audio system for djing/live stuff)
  • LoOkOuTLoOkOuT
    edited November 2005
    Congrats... when is it scheduled to arrive?

    You do know that within 48 hours after you open the box you will get a note in the post from the big boss man himself, welcoming you to the cult... ahh... fold. Then you'll never look back... well, you can't really!

    And on your birthdays you get a letter from the Woz.

    Happy days.
  • Hopefully next week, getting it from local reseller so I can go hassle them if it goes wrong!

    Can't wait!!!!
  • ugh. i hate it when people get new pc's/whatever. it just tempts me more and more to dig deep and blow the lot.
  • I'd love to order myself up a top of the range Mac. I can't afford it and don't have the desk space though.

    It's not hard to guess it's the second one that's stopping me :P
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