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Who's Online



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    Alright, nix that. Went and researched this a bit more and NOW I think its working... I implemented the GetUrl() function so that it would handle both systems properly... I need someone to test this on a non-Friendly URL install.

    EDIT: UPDATED AGAIN (4/30/07)

    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, $Context->GetDefinition($name["Name"]), "account.php?u=" . $name["UserID"],NULL,"title=\"$TimePast\"");
    Replace with:
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, $Context->GetDefinition($name["Name"]), GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'account.php', '', 'u', $name["UserID"]), NULL, "title=\"$TimePast\"");
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    I just updated the above code. Sorry to keep changing things up like this.
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    I was trying to add color depending on role to the online users' list. I tried mimicking the dojo add-on, but can't seem to do it right :( Anyone care to help?
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    hm.. ok let me point you in the right direction. Ultimatly you should modify the getWhosOnline function to also retrieve the users role, I dont have time just now, but you need these lines:
    $q = "SELECT LUM_Role.Name FROM `LUM_User` LEFT JOIN `LUM_Role` USING (`RoleID`) WHERE UserID='".$Comment->AuthUserID."' LIMIT 1;"; $res = mysql_query($q); $row = mysql_fetch_array($res); $role = $row[0]; $role = str_replace(" ","",$role); $role = strtolower($role);
    And then, on line 163 (my version anyway), this line: $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, $Context->GetDefinition($name["Name"]), "account.php?u=" . $name["UserID"],NULL,"title=\"$TimePast\"");
    Needs to be modified to add the class containing the color, like so: $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, $Context->GetDefinition($name["Name"]), "account.php?u=" . $name["UserID"],NULL,"title=\"$TimePast\" class=\"$role\"");
    Note, that you will also need to add a stylesheet for each role, by following the rules given in the Dojo Role Add On.
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    If you can, I'd recommend taking the time to also make those links Friendly URL compliant by using the GetUrl() function as I posted above.
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    Thanks Mr. Do! You know, I was already doing the second part right!, which makes me kind of proud because I'm no good at this. The "retrieving" part, though, I really didn't know where to start, and now the problem is that just cutting and pasting won't do. I'm guessing this first line

    $q = "SELECT LUM_Role.Name FROM `LUM_User` LEFT JOIN `LUM_Role` USING (`RoleID`) WHERE UserID='".$Comment->AuthUserID."' LIMIT 1;";

    is the key. Would you give me some more clues on how to modify it?
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    ok here is what you do. Change GetWhosOnline function to this:
    function GetWhosOnline() { $s = $this->Context->ObjectFactory->NewContextObject($this->Context, "SqlBuilder"); $s->SetMainTable("User", "u"); $s->AddSelect(array("Name", "UserID", "DateLastActive", "Preferences","RoleID"), "u"); $s->AddWhere("u", "DateLastActive", "", "DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 MINUTE)", ">=", NULL, NULL, 0); $result = $this->Context->Database->Select($s, $this->Name, "GetRecentUsers", "An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the requested information."); if ($this->Context->Database->RowCount($result) == 0) { return NULL; } else { $my_array = array(); while ($rows = $this->Context->Database->GetRow($result)) { if ($rows["Preferences"]) { $settings = unserialize($rows["Preferences"]); if (array_key_exists("Phantom", $settings)) $phantom = ForceBool($settings["Phantom"], 0); else $phantom = false; } else { $phantom = false; } array_push($my_array, array("Name" => $rows["Name"], "UserID" => $rows["UserID"], "DateLastActive" => $rows["DateLastActive"], "Phantom" => $phantom, "RoleID" => $rows['RoleID'])); } return $my_array; } }Notice how I now retrieve the RoleID. Next step is to retrieve the Role names. You do this with these lines, that you place around line 160. Directly after the if ($online_list) { line: $q = "SELECT RoleID, Name FROM `LUM_Role`;"; $res = mysql_query($q); $role = array(); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($res)) { $tmp = $row[1]; $tmp = str_replace(" ","",$tmp); $role[$row[0]] = strtolower($tmp); }

    Next step is change the add list like so:
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, $Context->GetDefinition($name["Name"]), GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'account.php', '', 'u', $name["UserID"]), NULL, "title=\"$TimePast\" class=\"".$role[$name['RoleID']]."\"");
    The css bit remains the same. Hope this gets you to the finish line :)
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    How about adding the ability to see who was online? And have a preference to specify how far in the past to display?

    [ ] show currently online visitors
    [ ] show everyone who visited in the last [15] mins
    [ ] show everyone who visited today
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    @skube: it is allready doing that. I mean its checking who was online in the last X minutes. There is no way for it to know who is reading a page at that exact moment. It checks for the last time it got a request from said user. It should be possible to do what you ask without much trouble
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    Unless you want something like a Settings preference, or a per-user preference, you can just edit the code of the extension. On line 31 it says $s->AddWhere("u", "DateLastActive", "", "DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 MINUTE)", ">=", NULL, NULL, 0);
    Just change the 5 to the amount of minutes it should check for, or change 5 MINUTE into 1 DAY to get a whole day.
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    hi! i noticed, that users who logged out are also seen as online until the 5 minute timeout. how about adding an "is_online" column, which is also set to true in the UpdateDateLastActive() function. after logout is_online is set to false. in the GetWhosOnline() we add date_sub(...) and is_online=true how about this idea?
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    What determines the order of the Who's Online list? It's not alphabetized and I'm always on top of my list.
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    Most recent activity I think. Everyone will probably be at the top of their own list.
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    Any chance of someone packing all the enhancements/bugfixes up and making an unofficial release? Or better still, just getting it updated on the addons site :)
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    Is there a way to show the total members and guests count not just when someone is signed in?
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    Ok to make whos online appear on pages that use postbackaction (ie PageMaker addon) you need to change the big if statement to this: if ((in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("categories.php", "index.php", "post.php", "comments.php")) && !isset($_GET['PageID']) || ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php" && isset($_GET['PostBackAction']))) && $Context->Session->UserID > 0 && !$Context->Session->User->Preference("HideWhosOnline") ) {
    To make it show count when not signed in, add this code to the end of the file (outside all other methods / ifs): if ((in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("categories.php", "index.php", "comments.php")) && !isset($_GET['PageID']) ) && $Context->Session->UserID == 0 ) { $ListName = $Context->GetDefinition("Who's Online"); $Panel->AddList($ListName,501); $online_list = $WhosOnline->GetWhosOnline(); $guest_count = $WhosOnline->GetGuestCount(); $phantom_count = 0; $user_count = 0; if ($online_list) { foreach ($online_list as $name) { if ($name["Phantom"]) { $phantom_count++; } if (!$name["Phantom"] || !isset($name["Phantom"]) || $Context->Session->User->Permission("PERMISSION_WHOS_PHANTOM")) { $user_count++; } } if ($user_count > 0) { $user_string = "$user_count registered user"; if ($user_count > 1) $user_string .= "s"; $Panel->AddListItem($ListName,'','',$user_string); } if ($phantom_count > 0) { $phantom_string = "$phantom_count phantom user"; if ($phantom_count > 1) $phantom_string .= "s"; $Panel->AddListItem($ListName,'','',$phantom_string); } if ($guest_count > 0) { $guest_string = "$guest_count guest"; if ($guest_count > 1) $guest_string .= "s"; $Panel->AddListItem($ListName,'','',$guest_string); } } else { $Panel->AddListItem($ListName,'','',$Context->Dictionary['None online']); } }
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    Go on Mr Do - package up all the fixes/enhancements and create an unofficial update, be a saint ;)
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    With an option for the inline names display please ;)
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    hehe okey. i will look into it latertoday. but how/where do I upload such a file? Since im not the OP, I cant edit his stuff.
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    Just pop it on your own webspace and leave a link in here, then a mod can update the official one if they want. If you don't have spac eyou can pop it on, just email me and I'll host it.
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