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Who's Online

This discussion is related to the Who's Online addon.


  • Ok here is a link to my version of WhosOnline. It has pagemanager support, shows numbers for guests and shows more than one member per line. Role colouring is commented out. I will make a version with options when I have the time..
  • Most recent activity I think. Everyone will probably be at the top of their own list.

    Hm. I had someone ask me why they are always at the bottom. The list order doesn't seem to change, for example, I'm always on top and, if Silver is online, she's always second, and deebee is always at the bottom. So if I've got 15 people online the order will never change with those 15.
  • User ID?
  • add this on line 29 (in the function whoisonline, after the $s->AddSelect [..]) $s->AddOrderBy("DateLastActive",'i','DESC');
    and get back to me if that doesnt work.
  • For some reason, this extension really slows down my forum. When I SSH in to check the load average, it jumps from 0.10 to 3+ when Who's Online is activated. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • I get the following error when viewing site from another computer and no one is online:

    Notice: Undefined index: None online in .../forums/extensions/WhosOnline/default.php on line 237
  • Hmm temp fix ;) - error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); , stick that into top of file... Any one have an idea what is wrong with the Mr Do's version? Line 237 looks like this:
    } } else { $Panel->AddListItem($ListName,'','',$Context->Dictionary['None online']); }
  • I had this issue, and if I remember well, the dictionary definition is missing. Try adding this to your language file:
    $Context->Dictionary["None online"] = "Nobody is online.";
  • That seems to have worked!
  • Hi guys, This plugin is giving us serious overhead issues. With the plugin disabled system load looks like this: 10:23am up 226 days 0:47, 1 user, load average: 0.05, 0.27, 0.23 With it enabled system load looks like this: 10:23am up 226 days 0:07, 1 user, load average: 65.32, 45.22, 23.01 In fact load increases exponentially until the site grinds to a halt and we have to restart the database process. We obvioulsy want to use the plugin, but can't in its current form. Has anyone else experienced this issue? And does anyone have any suggestions for reducing the plugins database requirement? We recieve around 2 million impressions a month btw.
  • seems that this extension doesnt use any sort of caching method so it's performing 2 sql queries for every page load and several calculations following that. My best suggestion is for you (if you're capable) to implement something so that it writes the information to a text file every 5 minutes or so and then just reads from the text file until the information is deemed invalid. Naturally this will cause some delay on the accuracy of the data but it should reduce the load significantly.
  • Thanks for this. We have a developer looking at amending the plugin on this basis at the moment. We'll publish the source code here once complete.
  • Excellent news. I believe the statistics extension uses a form of caching if your developer wants to check that out for some ideas. It shouldn't be too challenging though..
  • Hello all, We've now finished updating this plugin - you can see results (when signed in) here: I'll post the update shortly.
  • Another newbie user question. I just installed "Who's Online" and it shows up in the left frame, however it shows the eight most recent users, not necessarily who is currently on line. The mouse over shows their last activity information (such as 7 hours ago,) the same as appears on their member page. I am interested in knowing who is currently logged in, not who the last eight users were.

    Is there a function I need to enable or something that needs changed in the default.php file?

    Thanks again!
  • airlock, any chance of getting the update posted somewhere so we can spread the love throughout the Vanilla community? :)
  • @dyohn : The problem with what your looking for is that it is by and large, impossible. The only way the system can show on one computer, what other computers are using the system, is to log requests. In other words, the only time information is traded is on page loads. I can not tell you if there is someone watching their computer screen, only that 20 seconds (or 7 hours ago) their machine requested a page from the system. There is a variable you can set somewhere in the addon (dont have it within easy reach atm) where you can set how long ago you consider (currently online), but thats pretty much all that is possible i am afraid.
  • I'm sure i posted here....could this be a timezone issue?
  • Thank you Mr. Do. I understand.

    re: the "7 hours ago" thing. I posted another thread about this, but all users who are either currently logged on or have logged off within the past 7 hours always show their time of last activity as "7 hours ago." It could be some incompatibility with other extensions. I will try disabling everything by Who's Online ans see what happens.
  • mr do:
    the fix you suggested for ordering by most recently active user does not work for me.


    i put it on line 29 in the function GetWhosOnline() but i got an undefined index on 'i'.
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