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Html Formatter



  • How come it only happens to some and not others? Is there really no way to get rid of them - they look kinda messy.
  • any chance of having img tags close with a />, rather than just a >? thanks! :)
  • Uploaded version 2.3 of Html Formatter.
  • try it now
  • WOOHOO!!!! Thanks SirNot.
  • thanks :)
  • Diff for adding metacafe videos as a support type 111c111 < '/<video(?>\s+)type=(["\'`])((?>\w+))\1(?>\s*)>([A-Za-z\-_\d]+?)<\/video>/is', --- > '/<video(?>\s+)type=(["\'`])((?>\w+))\1(?>\s*)>([A-Za-z\-_\d\/]+?)<\/video>/is', 143a144,145 > case 'metacafe' : return ('<embed src="'.$ID.'.swf" width="400" height="345" wmode="transparent" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>'); >
  • Fantastic!! And the add-on directory including those comments is seamlessly integrated with the community forum, great!
  • is there anyway to make this thingie autolink links?
  • The extended text formatter does that..
  • well I couldnot make it work :(
  • What do you mean make it work? All you need to do is install the extended text formatter addon, then write a full URL into the comment box as so: then make sure your comment is formatted as text. No?
  • Uploaded version 2.4 of Html Formatter.
  • Uploaded version 2.4 of Html Formatter.
  • added ability to use whitelist, and made a few settings more easily accessable (video link and literal tags)
  • Uploaded version 2.4 of Html Formatter.
  • heh, forgot to set the default settings back... btw, if any of you want to mess with it (try to break it, etc.), you can test a live version of it at
  • I typed this...
    This is a <b>test</b>.

    And the result was...
    This is a <b >test</b>.

    Note the space in the opening bold tag?
  • ...yeah that has to do with how it rebuilds tags; it dosn't seem like much of a problem to me, but if you really dislike I could fix it.
  • in 2.4 ... what does the whitelist do??
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