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Html Formatter



  • I might be crazy, but it seems Html Formatter is not formatting comments when a user is not logged in. When I browse as a 'guest' (not logged in) I see all the tags. When I log in, it looks all pretty. Am I doing something wrong?
  • image Using <img src="" height="400" width="400" align="left"> will break the forum formatting.
  • Even after I changed the whitelist it still breaks formatting.

    'img' => array('src', 'alt'),
  • I think that's what the 'block comment' button's for. No HTML Formatter can offer a decent degree of freedom while preventing any sort of abuse - they are mutually exclusive.
  • No HTML Formatter can offer a decent degree of freedom while preventing any sort of abuse - they are mutually exclusive.

    If I remove something from the whitelist, it should no longer work - correct? It's a simple bug report.
  • there should be a role-based ability to post unregulated html / php / script / etc
  • if you remove it from the white list, and you've enabled the whitelist, then it should be stripped out, yes.
  • hKSk1bW9qzw
  • could we get vimeo videos to work with this, please? :)

    many thanks in advance!
  • ok, i did it by adding this -

    case 'vimeo' : return ('<embed src="'.$ID.'&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="425" height="350"></embed>');

    i'm a bit stuck though as vimeo have different sized videos... not such a big deal as they have fullscreen buttons and scaling in the player, but still...
  • couldn't you edit the height and width values toward the end of your code?
    ...width="425" height="350"...
  • yes, but then users would have to find the dimensions of each video they want to post.
  • oh... "different sized videos [per video]." I thought you meant different than youtube, etc.
  • aha, i should have made that bit a little more clear :)

    yes, i went with the youtube size in the code. it's working out fine for me, btw.
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Is it possible to have youtube videos embed using this add says that script related html is removed? Solved:
  • Is there a way to disable HTML formatting from being used in the title of a discussion?
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    Can we add an embed mp3 feature for this add on? I've been looking at the default.php file and I think I know where the code from the MP3 Player goes, but it looks different from the youtube, google, myspace code that is there so I'm not sure if it is that straight forward.

    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="170" data=""> <param name="movie" value="" /> </object>
  • Using that code, how does the player know which MP3 to play? I can't see anything in the code that specifies a MP3, just the player itself.
    I assume you would want the syntax to be like:<audio type="mp3">filename</audio> so where in the code you gave does it define "filename"?
  • Some how im unable to get HTML formatter to function properly - Test Post with Html displayed

    I have HTML Formater and Extender both enabled - along side quicktags - im puzzled that the Hyperlink does not render while ir remains to show the entire HTML code
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