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Multi File Upload

This discussion is related to the Multi File Upload addon.
edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Multi File Upload


  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Multi File Upload.
  • Changes

    Version 1.1 - 08.03.2007, Jazzman
    - Made attachments expandible so the file upload is hidden at first
    - When MULTI_FILE_UPLOADS is set to 1, it will not show the multi file list

  • does this get installed into the extensions directory? Thanks
  • Yes it does, just like any other extension. Might be worth putting a readme in the ZIP though Jazzman? Nice little addition to that extension IMO :)
  • Jazzman is king! This was a much needed was a pain having to upload pictures, one by one.
  • Thank you Jazzman! :)
  • jazzman when u delete the attachments. it only deletes the original ones. not the resized versions plus if u change the resize dimensions, it will create multiple copies with different sizes, which each will have to be deleted as well
  • I'm just wondering what people think of using Flash to upload multiple files all at once? i.e.
  • What advantages does it have over not using flash?
  • Well, you don't have to select and upload each file individually. You can simply select as many files at one time (shift-clicking or option-clicking) and have them all uploaded in one step. Basically, it saves time and is less repetitive, especially if you want to upload many files. Try the demo to see for yourself.
  • I'll support the use of this in Multi File Uploads so long as there is detection for flash and it goes back to the old way if flash isn't there...
  • Yeah, that's decent idea.
  • Also, while we're at it, could the flash upload support drag and drop by any chance? That would be seriously, totally, utterly, *ly cool :)
  • That would be icing, but really I'd be happy with a truly multi-file upload. In any case, it all depends on whether Jazzman would even consider the idea.
  • Icing? I call that a USP :P I know of no other forum that allows drag and drop file uploading! Also, I say it's a massive improvement for general usability. Of course, is it even possible?
  • I don't think it is yet possible to do drag&drop uploading through Flash (altho, I have seen it with Java Applets). In any case, the ability to drag&drop, - while convenient - doesn't really save that many steps in the end. You still have to locate the files and select them as well as drop them on some specific target. Using something like SWFUpload only requires one extra click compared to drag&drop, but saves TONS of clicks in comparison with the current Multi-File Upload extension.
  • RadUpload is a Java Ap that allows drag and drop upload with a progress bar. There's a free "Lite" version that might be worth taking a look at:
  • Having just installed attachments/multi file upload/jq/jqthickbox/inline images, I too would very much like the ability to upload multiple files at once... :)
  • can you determine teh amount of images allowed to be uploaded?
  • I still like prefer the Flash upload over a Java App. SWFUpload has progress bar, but not drag and drop.

    Some screen shoots of the process:

    Step two (verify):

    Step three:
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