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This discussion is related to the JQThickBox addon.
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  • 1.1.2 Released 2007-03-03

    ! Fixed to work with SirNot's PreviewPost 2.2.
    + Packed thickbox.js for even lower overhead.
    + Changed the #TB_window border as it was a bit... thick?
  • Uploaded version 1.1.3 of JQThickBox.
  • cant get it to work. not JQMedia either. I have been thourough in adding them on at a time, so it cant be that.. I have also installed Attachment, inline images (ofc) and multiple attachments..

    The problem I get (when not getting strange error messages) is that the image appears in full size with a blue border and clicking it will open it in the window by it self. IE the result is:
    <a href='url'><img src='url' /></a>
    This is the actual code, taken fram view source..:
    <a class="thickbox" rel="Comment_100" href="/fora/extensions/InlineImages/image.jpg.php?AttachmentID=29"> <img alt="mr_do2.jpg" src="/fora/extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID=29"/> </a>
    As far as i can understand, inlineimage phps arent working correctly?
  • same problem with mr do
  • i like this extension a lot -- however is there a way to set the thickbox width? if i attach an image say 500 or 600 wide, when i click on it i get a thickbox with a smaller image than the original

  • Mr Do, do you have a URL I can look at? I'm just about to release a compatibility fix with this and JQuery, so that may solve problems...

    Chanzero: ThickBox resamples images, if it has to, in order to fit the image in the window as large as it can, up to a max of the original size. If your window is too small, it will display that 500px image smaller. Max your window (or up your res) and try again, you should see that it's bigger.
  • I can't get inline images or ThickBox to work. I would really like to enable the members to add photos, but nothing seems to work. I just get an text name of the object that was suppose to be uploaded. I can give some one access to check it out. I had to turn off all the extensions, so the members are not confused by the broken features.
  • I updated jquery, installed all involved again. made sure to have enabled them in sequence.. its still not working.. cry
  • Mr Do in ur case, u didn't update to 1,1,2 correctly
    cause ur Global.js is missing the pathfinder function that Thickbox requires.

    thats also the reason JQmedia is not working for u. it also requires that function.
  • okies. great that we found the problem. But i dont understand quite what i did wrong.. I have downloaded and installed twice and made sure i enabled in correct way. Can i include Global.js before the line that enables thickbox manually? Global.js is included.. I need a new version of this file? or manually change it?
  • ur global.js is from old vanilla version
    get the new one that comes with 1.1.2

    download 1.1.2 and read about which files to upgrade. u prolly missing other stuff as well
  • ah. i was pretty sure i did that correct, but obviously i didnt. thanks for the assistance Schizo
  • there. overwrote with the 1.1.2 files (again). doesnt seem to work any different. could u check again?
  • ur site is working perfect.
    just clear ur cache. just tested it thickbox is working
    rejoice, go have a drink.
  • Thanks for helping him out Schiz ;)
  • thanks! and /blush now one part of it does seem to work. but i would contend that its still not quite there. or maybe i am missunderstanding something. Isnt the point to have tumbnails as inline images and use the javascript to display it in full? atm it shows in full size on the discussion and (if its big) smaller on the popup..
  • use a big size image see what happens
  • sorry for being dim here, but i have.. Tested with firefox and ie7 on a machine that has never been on my forum before so no cache problems.. on mozilla it shows the image inline in its true size and on ie7 the container for the thumbs is shrunk to 10pxs heigh, but the image is still full size..
  • Check out to see it working properly (most of the time - sometimes it doesn't as it's a live test server ;)) You may need to change your Inline Images width setting to something smaller (125px is nice), but the example on your forum looks to be fine...
  • isn't that the problem of inline images
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