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Hidden Text 2

This discussion is related to the Hidden Text 2 addon.


  • So sorry for the late reply; I meant the button next to 'big input' to the top right of the comments box.

    Thanks again! Awesome extension and I can't emphasise how useful it is for our forum :)
  • Hmm. Works for me on my local box, and on the server. What extensions do you have enabled? Although I don't see why this would happen now, nothing for that particular function has changed.
  • Maybe I should re-install it again from scratch, what files/lines of code would I have to remove to do that? Also, whenever you submit a post it comes up with this, regardless of whether or not there's hidden text on the page:
    Notice: Undefined index: HIDDEN_TEXT_MARKER_SHOW in /hsphere/local/home/xxx/ on line 168

    Notice: Undefined index: HIDDEN_TEXT_MARKER_HIDE in /hsphere/local/home/xxx/ on line 168
  • Sounds like something got missed in the upgrade. That error is cause its looking for a string in settings.conf that is not there. Which would be:

    $Configuration['HIDDEN_TEXT_MARKER_SHOW'] = '(show text)';
    $Configuration['HIDDEN_TEXT_MARKER_HIDE'] = '(hide text)';

    To do a clean install just disable the extension, then open conf/settings.conf and delete anything that mentions hidden text. Then make sure you have the newest versions of all the files, and enable it again. It will add all the new strings to the conf file. You should be good to go.
  • Many thanks once again for your help Krak, here's a problem that's quite specific to our web server I'm sure, but there could be an easy way around it:

    Response: 550 settings.php: Permission denied
    Error: Critical error

    Also, this:

    Command: SITE CHMOD 777 settings.php
    Response: 550 settings.php: Operation not permitted
  • Sounds like you lost ownership to settings.php?
  • Why is it that not everything can be hidden? For examble embed videos from Google Video.
  • This is the first I have heard of this. Im not sure, I'll look into it. Is there anything else you are unable to hide?
  • Can you embed the videos on a non hidden enabled post? Have you tried it with Hidden Text 2 turned off?

    I can embed the videos (it does toss up a string of code at the end but the video is hidden, and embedded) on my local server. Do you have the required extensions enabled for embedding? As far as I can tell you need jQuery and ExtendedTextFormatter. Then post the link to the video (, just like that and it works fine, must be posted as "Text").
  • First of all, I wasn't talking about hiding links, but embed movies. Second of all, embeding YouTube movies works just fine. Google videos are the ones that aren't being hidden. They just float on top of a comment.

    One more question: is it possible to load the hidden content on demand - after pressing the "show hidden text" link - not loading all of it in the background while the page loads?
  • Does the embedding work with the hidden text extension disabled?

    I have skimmed through some other posts on embedding and mootools might cause some issues. As far as loading hidden content "on demand" - simply put, no.
  • Any word on getting HT2 to work with Notify? I need the functionality of both of these extensions.

  • Notify uses prototype.js. Thats the problem. Mootools and prototype don't play well. Fix it? Not without a rewrite - either Notify or Hidden Text, which will probably not happen. I have no problems fixing small issues if I can but rewriting it, nah. Sorry.
  • can i get some help with getting this to work with both [hide] and style tags, please?

    //edit, i'm using v1.6.1
  • what do you mean "style" tags?
  • ah, i see that vanilla stripped the "<hide>" from my previous post, uh oh :D

    so, if it could work for both [hide] and <hide>, that would be great! many thanks in advance :)
  • Why do people always ask about using different brackets? Is it really that much of an issue? Would you mind telling me why (I'm curious)?

    Well as it is now HiddenText was (I think, its been a while) written off of bbcode, hence the "[ ]" brackets. I'm sure I'd have to dig in and rewrite it to give you "< >" instead. If there are enough people wanting the other brackets over the current ones I'll recode it. Otherwise, probably not.

    (btw, love your site)
  • well, it's just that we don't use bb code on the forum, so it really is the only thing that uses square brackets. it works fine, it's just me ;)

    i was kind of hoping it would be a simple addition to the script, like "search for \[\hide\] | \<hide\>" or something. it would need to catch both ways now, as it's been in use (using the square brackets) for some time already.

    (thanks, needs tidying up a bit though, no time heh)
  • Please Update your Translation Strings to the new format:

    $Context->SetDefinition('ExtensionOptions', 'Options');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextSettings', 'Change Hidden Text Marker');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextMarkerShow', 'Change The Show Hidden Text Marker');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextMarkerHide', 'Change The Hide Hidden Text Marker');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextSettingsTitle', 'Hidden Text Settings');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextSettingsInfoShow', 'Enter the text you wish to appear for the link that will show the hidden text. This link is located at the beginning of the hidden text blurb. Default is (show text)');
    $Context->SetDefinition('HiddenTextSettingsInfoHide', 'Enter the text you wish to appear for the link to hide the hidden text once it has been made visible. This link is at the end of the hidden text blurb. Default is (hide text)');
    $Context->SetDefinition('SettingsInputTextShow', 'Show Hidden Text Marker');
    $Context->SetDefinition('SettingsInputTextHide', 'Hide Hidden Text Marker');
    $Context->SetDefinition('ErrCreateConfig', 'Could not save Hidden Text marker settings to configuration file!');
    $Context->SetDefinition('PERMISSION_HIDDEN_TEXT', 'Can see and use hidden text feature');
  • oh and "insert hidden text" is not translateable atm, here is a quick hack:

    $Context->SetDefinition('InsertHiddenText', 'Insert hidden text');
    global $Context;
    $CommentList .= ''.$Context->GetDefinition("InsertHiddenText").'';
  • I busted something doing beautification....

    The bracket hide] with your text here bracket/hide] works but the comment box hidden text link is busted. Can't find any errors any where. Suggestions as to what got busted in the .css updates?

  • Wow, been ages since I've looked at this add-on. It would follow the same CSS for "big input". I don't remember adding any special styling. Its just a standard link with an ID of CommentBoxController?

    The CSS is rather small, if I remember correctly it was just for the hidden text/warning itself. If you can see the button for "big input" you *should* be able to see the hidden text button also. One in the same, one right after the other.
  • I'm having trouble with mootools deleting my extensions.php file. Since this is the only extension that I use which needs mootools, is there a way to use this extension without being dependent on mootools?
  • In short, no.

    If you use one of the older versions yes, but it is not the same. The older ones can only have one hidden item per post, and some other restriction which I dont remember, I think. This version relies on mootools to do basically all of its functions.
  • here is a version that can work with jQuery instead of mootool (using mootool is a bad idea as long as Vanilla and some extension still use prototype).

    I refactored the Parser (only one instead of too), it uses SetDefinition(), I put the classes in their own file and added two definitions (InsertHiddenText and HiddenTextRemoved - this one is empty by default).

    To enable the jQuery version you need to set $Configuration['HIDDEN_TEXT_USE_JQUERY'] to 1.
  • SS ✭✭
    Small note to developer.

    // Add the link to insert the code brackets
    function Comment_HiddenText(&$CommentGrid) {
    $Comment = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters["Comment"];
    $CommentList = &$CommentGrid->DelegateParameters["CommentList"];
    $CommentList .= 'insert hidden text';
    echo $CommentList;

    No need to reference. Just 'echo'. echo
  • this extension isn't working for me as well. it either hides the text completely or doesn't hide it and the links don't toggle the visibility... anyone else have it working?
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