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Discussion Expiration

This discussion is related to the Discussion Expiration addon.
edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Discussion Expiration


  • Lookin good!
  • Can you please tell me what the 'expiration' actually is? Does the discussion get closed or deleted? Thanks.
  • closed.
    i should mention this
  • I love it man! Thanks for stepping up to the request.
  • Help! This version totally stopped working. It does not appear when I select the specific category from the drop down (when it has been enabled). The Expiry field also appears on all categories when no categories are chosen.
  • try loggin in as admin.
    let me know what happens.
    seems to be working on my comp

    in Line 84 of default.php I'm using this
    if ($Context->Session->User->RoleID != 4 ) { //User is not admin
    remove it if u want the old behaviour back.
  • I can log in as admin and set all the settings and I see it for all cats being an admin.

    Its just acting REALLY odd. I am not even getting the calendar to pop. It wont appear like it used to when I select a category its active on. just weird.

    I will try on a test machine tonight. It may be something bad with jquery or something.
  • if ur the admin then the appearing disappearing is disabled. so u can expire all discussions
    If ur not the admin then the appearing disappearing act is done.
  • Schizo how come you just dont set up a permission for this extension to check by instead of seeing if the role id is 4? That's a pretty big issue if someone has their roles set up differently and permissions are so simple to create in vanilla..
  • ok done. the admin can select the role that should not have the category restrictions.
  • What do you mean? Just set up a vanilla permission so that admins can choose which roles have the permission to expire discussions in the same way you can choose what other stuff Roles can do.
  • Uploaded version 1.0.2 of Discussion Expiration.
  • Minisweeper I'll look into how to do that.
  • OK I'll do that right now.
    have to fix the blog extension to use $Context->Configuration[$PermissionKey] as well
  • Uploaded version 1.0.3 of Discussion Expiration.
  • Why let the expiration date follow the discussion title?Just like Update Discussion Expiration 1.0.3 expired @ June 6,2007
  • Sorry I got sidetracked setting up a bunch of new hires.

    I have tried installing the current version on a clean install of vanilla and unfortunately, I cannot get it to work properly in IE. It works prefect in Firefox, but in IE, there seems to be a glitch. Lets say I have

    Category A
    Category B
    Category C

    and discussion Exp available on Category C. In IE, when I change it to C, it does not appear (it does in firefox). The only way to get it to work is by having all Categories enabled and thus no display toggle.

    Anyone else experience this?
  • Thanks! Its a great extension and I can't wait to implement it
  • Oh, if you have a "test" system, you can just uninstall IE7 from add / remove programs. After reboot, it will revert back to 6
  • I don't get the date picker showing - using MAMP on localhost, so maybe its because of that...

    Is it possible to get a list of the closed discussions, then have the option to delete them?
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