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  • Uploaded version 0.1.0 of DefaultPage.
  • If anyone finds this add-on useful I'll look to add a method to change the DefaultPage setting via a property page.
  • Uploaded version 0.2.0 of DefaultPage.
  • Property Page added in 0.2.0
  • If this works as I expect it to, it'll be one of the most popular extensions in no time I'm sure :D
  • Nothing appears to be showing up under Extension Options :(
  • Sorry, just discovered a problem in the code which means that DefaultPage does not appear in the' Extension Options' panel for some people.

    I'll fix it and upload the new version as soon as possible.
  • Uploaded version 0.2.1 of DefaultPage.
  • Uploaded version 0.3.0 of DefaultPage.
  • Hi,
    I've got the following error come on the top of my page:
    Notice: Undefined index: DEFAULT_PAGE in /home/.xxxx/xxxxx/ on line 17

    edit -
    I put in some text and the error vanished. I've hot friendly-urls installed and the problem I'm finding is to find out what the dynamic-url of one of my posts is which I want it to direct to. Does anyone know how I could find out?

    The buildup of the url at present is like this:

    edit - Addon works fine when I direct it to a more general page (extension.php?PostBackAction=Members) :)
  • Vaz,

    Not used friendly-urls myself so have not run into this problem.

    I've installed 'friendly-urls' and have not been able to reproduce your error message, but neither have I been able to get a friendly-url entry to work with DefaultPage. It is possible however to use a 'dynamic url' as the entry for the default page.

    For a discussion with the title 'Some Discussion':

    translates to

    In the above example set the 'DefaultPage' to:


    Hope this helps. I'll add a 'friendly-url- warning to the 'Extension Options' page.

  • Uploaded version 0.4.0 of DefaultPage.
  • Thanks for that. It's working fine now. Right now I have the default page set to one of my discussions. Do you know how I could make it so that it only goes to the set default page if the user has not participated in that particular discussion? (going off-road here). Thank you for your help.
  • Sorry Vaz,

    It's not something that is going to be achievable with DefaultPage but is an idea for a new extension. :)
  • Uploaded version 0.5.0 of DefaultPage.
  • Uploaded version 0.6.0 of DefaultPage.
  • Uploaded version 0.6.1 of DefaultPage.
  • Uploaded version 0.7.0 of DefaultPage.
  • I have added an option to strip ReturnUrl from the url. This is a workaround for a problem with the Blog extension (and possibly others) when a user is not signed in, is viewing the 'Blog' page and then clicks on the 'Sign-In' link. See

    Notice: Undefined index: CssClass in /forum/themes/people_banner.php on line 5

    Edit the following line in your conf/settings.php file:

    $Configuration['DEFAULT_PAGE_STRIP_RETURNURL'] = '1';
  • Great extension. Unfortunatly it doesn't really work out. I type in categories.php but discussion keeps my default page. Do I something wrong?

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