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    Uploaded version 2.0 of User Info.
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    Hi Fyorl, I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work you're putting in to this. It still appears not to be working with v2.0.

    Not-so-funny story though, I uploaded the tar.gz to my server, untarred it and moved it to the extensions directory. I then refreshed my page and it still said UserInfo 1.3, I instantly assume you'd forgotten to change the version number in the default.php, so I change it to 2.0.

    It hadn't worked; a few hours later, I decided to have a look at UserInfo.js since I think the script is now being run, it's just not bringing up the intended pop-up box. My plan was to add the console.log lines somewhere (it's changed too much for me to do this anyway) but I notice that the lines are still there where I left them. Confused, I exit vi and then notice this in the scrollback:

    marrow@yoshi:~$ mv UserInfo ./public_html/vanilla/extensions/ mv: cannot move `UserInfo' to a subdirectory of itself, `./public_html/vanilla/extensions/UserInfo'
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    You could try this: First, download UserInfo.tar.gz somewhere then type the following,
    $ cd /public_html/vanilla/extensions/ $ rm -rf UserInfo $ mv /path/to/UserInfo.tar.gz . $ tar xvf UserInfo.tar.gz $ rm UserInfo.tar.gz
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    Uploaded version 2.1 of User Info.
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    Updated to Mootools 1.5 and UserInfo 2.1 and it works! What did you do? You're a genius. I'm actually willing to make a small donation for all your hard work, seriously.. this cannot go unrewarded!

    You are a credit to the Vanilla community Fyorl.
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    Well, it's a bit silly really (but most bugs are caused by silly mistakes). UserInfo simply didn't have all the Mootools modules it needed. I had forgotten to add Window.DomReady and Fx.Style in both the fallback script and in the Mootools AddComponent call. I can't believe it managed to slip through. The problem was that on my test forum I have a bunch of other Mootools extensions which were including the necessary modules and so I didn't notice anything. Also, apparently other people who tried this had the same thing since Window.DomReady and Fx.Style are such common modules. Oh well I'm glad it works, I appreciate the comments but I don't feel a donation's necessary since it was such a ridiculous mistake >_<
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    could this be updated to also work on the list of discussions (started by ___ ... last comment by ___) (medium-low priority) and when will the info that's displayed be customizable? (low-low-low priority) EDIT: and also for the preview post extension (medium-low priority)
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    Yup, it's doable. What sort of customisation were you after? I might as well put all your requests in one release.
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    Basically, I want to be able to choose which user variables are displayed (Name and Role forced to be selected) You could make it a user preference, or a forum-wide preference (preferrably user, with forum-wide default settings used for unauthenticated) The bigger "problem" (not much of a problem, as I seem to have gotten by w/o this extension for so long) is that it isn't enabled on the main list of discussions, or the search page, etc.
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    Added to the todo list.
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    anyone having problems with this and Vanilla Voting for working together?

    user info retrieves the data, but it seems to be unable to build the tool-tip (btw, the userinfo.js file is added to the head section)

    maybe there exists a conflict or whatever in the JS.. :(

    any help? thanks!
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    I cannot get this to work on my site:

    No idea what to do at all!

    Found this using FireBug:

    Class is not a constructor Line 33
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    Any idea how to get this to work with Notify or Notifi? :(
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