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New Post Notifier

edited May 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
New Post Notifier


  • hmm; could this be expanded to do the same when viewing a discussion list (main page, or specific category), and also search results? (Well I know it could, but will it?)
  • Uploaded version 0.8 of New Post Notifier.
  • Ooh, sounds like a very nice extension if you have a busy forum. I'll test it out when mine grows :)
  • Bummer, it requires 1.1.4!

    Will update soon.
  • I'm not positive whether or not 1.1.4 is required. I just havnt been able to test it on others. I'm sure it will work farther down the line though.
  • Tried it (on 1.1.2), it didn't work, caused errors elsewhere, dumped it.
  • ouch.

    not that much has changed from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4, has it?
  • Apparently some new "hooks" have been added so if an extension relies on these it will fail with previous versions.
  • where could I get an earlier version of vanilla?
  • I believe.
  • ooh, if this worked with the private messages extension, it'd be awesome.
  • anyone know how much extra traffic this generates? how many queries does it send back to the server?
  • this sends

    SELECT `CountComments` FROM `Discussion` WHERE `DiscussionID` = '%DiscussionID%'

    to the sql server once every 10 seconds.
  • every 10 seconds? could it be configurable by admin?
  • agreed; i would like to have it switched on, but my internet traffic at work is monitored, so if i could take it down a little, that would be good.
  • Weird, this is a adding a tiny version of my forum to the bottom left corner of my forum. It's also not displaying any text in the box, and the box is shown reguardless of a new post being made. Also the title is rendering as html...

    Any ideas?
  • Sixy: try re-uploading it. It's probably missing it's ajax file.
  • Nope, it's in there. It works kinda except the problems I stated: 1. Mini version of my forum anchored to it. 2. No New Post notification in the box in the bottom left corner. 3. The box in the bottom left corner is visible at all times. 4. When a new post is made it adds the time to the title bar, but like this: <span>3 seconds</span> 5. When a new post is not made its making the title the entire html of that page. *sigh*
  • sixy, i've come across this too, but only on some threads (not very many at all, really), and it goes away if you edit a post within that thread. i thought it had something to do with a last active time stamp for the threads, but heck, i dunno :)

    castis, you have an account with me, i think, if you want to check it out.
  • any news here? would be great .
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