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Xbox 360

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So has anyone gotten that first shipment? My brother got a pretty intense bundle, and I'll be seeing him tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving. It's gonna be a fun break.


  • Theyre not out here for a while :( I will do in a couple of months maybe though.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    They came out here this morning. I was going to try to get one, but I decided that (a) I should be spending my spare time on my software, and (b) the first run of games didn't look that great to me, and (c) I should just buy a new game for my ps2 instead - so I did, and it's awesome.
  • Surprisingly enough i'm not actually aware of how much theyre gonna retail for. But assuming its a similar amount to the previous consoles it doesnt bother me a great deal. I'm not much of a gamer these days and although i can understand it has massive capabilities in that dept, i wouldnt choose it so much for the gaming as the media centre aspects of the system. I have an xbox1 which i chipped (currently broken but thats just cause i'm lazy) and stuck a bigger hard drive in - i havent examined the new hdd dvd players (and tivo, etc) in detail but at the time i dont see that there was a competing network media centre available. Some have sprung up since but (i believe) theyre a similar enough price to the 360 that a 360 would be such a better investment. Shame it doesnt have a tv tuner and recording capabilities. :( (does it?)
  • what game did you get Mark? I'm looking for a good recommendation here
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Shadow of the Colossus

    It's a wierd game. It plays kind of like a grand theft auto (where the camera follows you around), but you fight with fists, arrows, and a sword. You ride a horse (which, I must admit, is awesome) as you make your way through this desolate world fighting these immense creatures. Seriously massive beasts. It's wicked.
  • let the words 'i'm sure mark is busy working on the next revision' never pass my fingers again.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    hahaha - I bought it yesterday. I played it for two hours from 2am to 4am last night *after* working all night on Vanilla. I was up again this morning at 9am working on "work". But in those two hours last night I killed 4 of those bastards. It was awesome!
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    Well, I originally planned on going to Wal-Mart at about 7 pm last night to wait in line for my 360. I'm very glad I didn't do that.

    I had to go to another store by the Wal-Mart earlier in the day, so I decided to stop by and scope the place out. I walked into the electronics department, and I didn't see anyone standing around - and I was thinking that it would be just fine to come back later. I talk to one of the employees there and they say that there already is a line at the back of the store!

    So I go back there and there were already about 10 people in line. I knew if I came back later I wasn't gonna be getting my 360, so I decided to just wait it out right then and there. I ended up waiting from 1 pm to 12 am last night getting it.

    By 3pm, there were already about 30-40 people in the line. They had a limited supply of the premium versions, so they passed out tickets later that night. They passed out 26 total tickets for the premium version. Problem is, when they actually started to sell them at 12 am (keep in mind, if you were of the first 26 people, you had been there since 2 pm or so), they realized that they were only supposed to sell 23 of them.

    I don't know what ended up happening, but I can assure you that some people raised ruckus around there.
  • Hahahahahah, I can't help but laugh. I feel bad for those people but I love shit like that.

    I'm tempted to get one but I just can't afford it right now. I'm hoping my girlfriend will get me one for Xmas. Seeing as she's just left Uni I doubt it though :D
  • Oh, and at 9pm, some guy who was completely high walked in there and tried to sneak to the front of the line. It was only about 5 minutes after he got there that they passed a piece of paper down the line so you could sign your name and they would give you numbers according to your name on that sheet. He tried to sign the sheet, and some black woman had followed him all the way down the line and was about to cuss him out. I think if that guy would've signed that paper, he would've died by an angry mob.
  • Seriously, who cares about Xenon wheny ou got Revolution coming in the first half of next year? I mean, I'm a serious gamer, but I don't want to play the same games with console that I play on my PC. So Revolution is a perfect piece of hardware for me, I play the normal games on my Steamengine and the more quirky different games that I couldn't play on my PC even if I wanted to on the Revolution. And I just want to say that I just got The Movies, it's the greatest game made in a long time. Easily beats anything out right now, with the exception of Civ4 ofcourse, but it's not a game, it's a life.
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    I sooo much agree with Kosmo :) Why play the same games on a crappy tv screen (with much lower resolution) and a gamepad which could never have the same functionality as a keyboard and mouse :)

    But I do have a Nintendo Gamecube for it's original (non PC) games with their lovely Mario characters :P Ok... kiddy stuff... but deep in our hearts, aren't we all kids? :D

    Since I have World of Warcraft (almost a year now) I don't play any other games. It's strange, but this is the only game that has ever kept me for so long and not even getting bored with....

    Btw.. anyone of you seen the Pure Pwnage videos? Pro-gamer stuff :P
  • I also have Gamecube, the only console that has games that really interest me aside from PC games, Zelda, Mario and Metroid. Wind waker has way more story than any other game out there, Mario games are always a blast, and Metroid kicks Halos ass so much that it hurts to watch. I also have WoW but I got bit bored with it even if I am the biggest Warcraft fan in the world. Consoles will never go over PC for me, as in their current state, PCs have the games that I love the most, RTS, FPS and MMORPGs and way better online game than any console to date.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2005
    I use my PCs for work. I use my consoles for games. I never blur that line because, being an independent contractor, it could be detrimental to my income.
  • I use my PC's for work and games and my console pretty much just sits there not getting used, lol. I just could never get into the console games. I had a gamecube for a while, mostly for my wife so she could play mario. I bought the xbox because of the graphics and titles available, but I probably have not played it in six or eight months. To me, PC games are just way more immersive and engaging. The mouse and keyboard are like extensions of your arms and it just seems so darn natural. As opposed to the game controller which I can't stand for FPS's and only tolerate for RPG's. I also agree with the others that the graphics on PC games are generally better and look better on the monitor as opposed to the TV, and I even have a plasma. Could be that I'm just old though. I started out with the original Doom and a bunch of coaxial cable strung out in my friend's attic. MMMmmm.... those were the days of all night Doom2 deathmatch parties, three dozen beef jerkies, a six pack of root beer, and a veritable tapestry of profanity that would have made my mother stuff a bottle of dish soap down my throat. *sigh*
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I miss LAN parties. I can't imagine doing it again, though. Lugging 7 massive machines into a basement apartment and locking ourselves in (except for 7-Eleven breaks) for days at a time playing Duke Nukem, GTA (the original), Diablo, etc. I'm glad the internet got faster.
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    Nice to know I'm not the only one with fond memories of that stuff. Nothing beat two hours of setup, lol, and that was if everything went smooth. And god, those little rooms got hot fast with all those old overclocked computers :) As cool as it is to hop on and play against people all over the world at any given moment, I still think there is something to be said for smack talking and junk food eating with your buddies. Its the human element that made those old days so fun. I loved playing Diablo and seeing how fast we could get a new character up to an insane level with basically unlimited money. If your buddies were powerful enough you could hop right in an impossible dungeon and level up everytime you killed something. Man that was cool. And I don't care what they say, no lammo headset will ever recreate the lan party atmosphere.
  • Haha, you two are the only ones with memories of "golden olden days of Lan gaming" and I'm the only one with a fresh memory of about few months back :D
  • i have golden olden days of lans. Although mine were only a couple of years back. Atleast in my day we had windows 98 and ethernet!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I use my PCs for work. I use my consoles for games. I never blur that line because, being an independent contractor, it could be detrimental to my income.

    That's why you get two computers! :D

    But seriously, half of all the games out there for the xbox run under one of 3 engines these days, Source, Unreal or the Doom3 engine. I haven't purchased a console system since my Super Nintendo (which is now collecting dust somewhere in a forgotten closet) and I've been happy ever since.

    Admittingly though, there is still nothing yet that beats a lan, faster internet be damned, your ping is still only good within 500 miles for those low latency/high action games. Altho netcode has become better over the years and as internet connections upgrade globaly things will get better.

    I'm still never going to consider purchasing an Xbox tho.
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