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  • 1. Is there a way to show in the discussion list tags that are assigned to certain discussions? Just like the "Discussion Tags" does?
    2. Is there a way to predefine tags and let users choose tags from that predefined list?
  • I'm not sure I understand number 1?

    Number 2 - there isn't a way currently, but I can add it to the feature list.
  • This is what I meant:


    The above was accomplished using the Discussion Tags extension - I had a good starting point, so I decided to use that extension. The above also shows what I'd like to achieve by giving the users a predefined tag list. Lets say that it'd be some sort of a sub-categories replacement.
  • I second that motion. I would really love the tag limiter (only showing the most popular of tags) The fear is that fear my board (which has averaged 150+ new threads per day for the last three years) would have the longest tag cloud in history
  • Ok. I've added it to my list and I'll try my best! I'm working on a few new extensions at the moment too, so I can't give you any ETA.
  • hey no worries! appreciate it.
  • perhaps just a simple query that selects the X most used tags once the table has reached Y rows?
  • The problem with that approach is what makes the majority of the final say 80% of tags, are tags which are mentioned only once and these are what will be culled. So you've got 400 tags only mentioned once and you want 70 of them. What is the fairest way of deciding which to be used? alphabetical? chronological? Or perhaps a better way is to have an option so that only tags mentioned more than once are included?
  • Well, I mean.. if I have 400 tags, and 300 of them are only used once, I don't really see a problem with listing only 100 in the cloud. Since the purpose of the cloud (at least in my application) is to show the most popular content, this would make the most sense. I suppose you could have it be semi-customizable. Optional fields Show ______ tags Sort by ________ (alpha, chrono, etc.)
  • I can't see the tags that were added to the discussion on the discussion page. I think it would make sense to display them, so one can edit/add more too. Well, the tag cloud doesn't display anywhere either. But I get no error messages. Is there anything else I need to do besides adding and enabling the addon? (readme.html in text format didn't mention anything)
  • Hi Vadi - should just work! Sounds like something isn't happy.
  • I have a plain install of the latest stable version, default theme. Maybe it's not compatible anymore?
  • Well, I'm using it on the latest version. The only thing I can suggest is that it probably needs PHP5?
  • Already got that. I was able to set the permissions for users to tag the discussions too.
  • Is there any place I can place debug prints / use some tool? Never really had to debug php this extensively.
  • I think there is an off-by-one error - tags are working on the 2nd and other threads, just not on the first.
  • Hmmm. They are all stored by DiscussionID - what does it say in the database?
  • There are 5 rows, labelled from 1 to 5 by DiscussionID.
  • Oh. Looking at the tags table, the discussion id is only for threads 2 and 3, not 1.

    Then again, I deleted all threads I made so far too, it could have cleared some.
  • So if I understand you - there are tags for Discussion ID's 1-5, but when viewing Discussion 1, you don't see any tags?
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