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  • Same problem here. Fresh install, default theme, no tags or visible changes whatsoever to the forms.

    Found it. Need to edit my own role and permissions to be able to use this. duh!
    Apparently there's some sort of a problem, these are the options:
    # Can tag own discussions.

  • @splode I think that was the case, yes. Discussion 1 is deleted now though, so :\
  • I have this error with last version of TagThis :
    Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_VARIABLE' or `'$'' in d:\www\\htdocs\innova\extensions\TagThis\library\Function.TagThis.php on line 42

    38 if (!isset($tags))
    39 {
    40 return;
    41 }
    43 foreach ($tags as &$tag)
    44 {
    45 $tag = trim(strtolower($tag));
    46 if ($tag > "")
    47 {
  • Try changing return; to return();
  • Uploaded version 1.08 of TagThis.
  • So we now have a settings panel, where you can graphically adjust the font sizes to how you want them. You can also adjust the panel position and the new features.

    To get this panel - you need to have the "Set List" extension installed. It's really very good and I'll be moving all my extensions over to it shortly.

    So, you can now limit the number of tags in your tag cloud. If you don't want this, you can simply set it to zero.

    I have added automatic tag generation - this takes the title, removes any non alphanumeric characters and strips out commonly used words from a list I found Googling around. This is OPTIONAL but recommended.

    Finally, something I felt would be quite useful to anyone coming in half way through the game, I added a script that will go through every discussion on your forum and generate tags for them from the titles. Worked a charm on You can run this by visiting /extension/?AutomaticTags=1 . It might generate a few errors, but they don't affect it's ability to function.
  • Spode, you're my hero! ;-) Gonna check out the new version tomorrow, but wanted to share a very dirrrty and simple JS hack I made to your previous version: I display a limited set of tags below the input box so my moderators can add popular tags with one click. It's really convenient, and my #1 wish list item would be an official option where tagging is LIMITED to a set of tags (e.g. art, business, fashion, party), I can select to display them all in-line <LI> or as a combo dropdown (sorted by alpha, to allow auto-positioning) and perhaps even force a limit to the NUMBER of tags that can be added (e.g. no more than 5 tags from this limited set, shows see 5 combo-boxes containing limited set of tags, users tab from one to the next and add tags). I'll whisper you my hacky code.
  • Drop me an e-mail Tom :)
  • Spode, installed new version, works peachy, even like the auto-tag option, but... just realized there is a discussion cloud, a user cloud, and a site cloud, but no category cloud? Is there a special reason for that?
  • I have to admit - I didn't think of a category cloud, because I don't really use categories much - IMO tags replace categories. However - that is something I can implment *fairly* easily :)
  • In my case I use categories extensively (have like 30, one for each 'city' in my network of event locations) and I actually
    think the tags might provide a nice clue as to the type of discussions within a category (makes more sense to me than
    a discussion-level tag cloud), so 'perty perty please' (sic), could you look into this? (I can probably add it myself, but I
    think it's useful for others as well).

    You may also want to revisit the discussion-title auto-tag generation code. Noticed several times that auto-generated tags
    were concatenated, implying stripping of non-alphanumeric code before tags are generated vs a replace a non-alphanum
    with a space, collapse whitespace and then generate tags.

    Example: "10:20am-party (test) a/tag-a=day+keeps{the}doc`tor~away!"
    Now results in tag set: "1020amparty, test, atagadaykeepsthedoctoraway, wwwnewscom"

    I feel this should result in this tag set result (the dumb & simple way, replace by space, collapse whitespace, split, generate tags. ):
    10, 20, am, party, test, a, tag, day, keeps, the, doc, tor, away, www, news, com

    Fixed as follows in library/Function.TagThis.php
    replace (around line 50)
    $title = preg_replace("[^A-Za-z0-9 ]", "", $title);with $title = ereg_replace("[^A-Za-z0-9 ]", " ", $title);
    Explanation: this does not remove the non-alpha chars from the string, but replaces them with a space instead.
    The original code did an 'explode' on spaces, so will continue to work as before, but you get 'cleaner' tags as I wanted.

    @Spode and others, TagThis 1.08 does not allow strict XHTML validation. Issue with the generated link. Simple solution, replace the & with & in calls/links.

    Fix to allow strict XHTML validation, in library/Function.TagThis.php
    replace (around line 340)
    $output .= '<span style="font-size:'.ceil($fontsize).'%"><a href="'.GetUrl($Configuration, 'search.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=Search&Type=Topics&Tag='.urlencode($tag)).'" class="TagLink">'.$tag . "</a></span> ";with $output .= '<span style="font-size:'.ceil($fontsize).'%"><a href="'.GetUrl($Configuration, 'search.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=Search&Type=Topics&Tag='.urlencode($tag)).'" class="TagLink">'.$tag . "</a></span> ";
  • After adding TagThis to a newly-installed Vanilla v1.1.5a I've encountered the following "bug": If the title of a discussion contains certain words (auto-grabbed as tags) OR if these certain words are added, manually, as tags... ...the textual content of the "tagcloud", instead of being constrained to the indended width of the navigation links column, is rendered as HUGE text (huge, as in letters which are 4 inches tall onscreen) spanning the entire width of the page, and beyond. So far, I've identified the following as being "trigger" tagwords: POST EXTENSION INSTALLED and I suspect other "reserved words" (varnames?) present in the title will similarly trigger the bug other details: The other content within the navigation column is not affected. The HUGE tags text is rendered (firefox 2.0) so that it lies "behind" the text and textarea fields of the "Add your comments" form. When the bug is triggered, the HUGE tags text appears on the "discussions" page as well. (the bug is evident in every page throughout the app where the cloud text is displayed) edit the tags to remove the "trigger" word(s) and the problem immediately ceases; edit the tags again, inserting one of the trigger words and problem immediately returns. An "exact match" seems to be required to trigger the mis-behavior. As I recall, after changing "installed" to either "ins-talled" (adding a dash) the problem ceased. Similarly, changing "post" (auto-grabbed from the title text, FWIW) to "posts" (adding an S) the problem ceased. Presence of non- A-to-Z characters present in the title isn't a factor ~~ the bug occurs when the title text is comprised of "just plain words, without punctuation or numbers etc" ============================ I commend the author for his initiative in developing this extension. However, notwithstanding this particular bug, I respectfully submit that as-is, the functionality of the extension is sorely lacking. Toward auto-grabbing meaningful tags, A STOPWORD list is essential. Further, in addition to whatever words may be distributed in a default stoplist, an admin needs the ability to edit the entries to suit his particular installation.
  • @kandina: cannot replicate the problem you describe (on new install of vanilla 1.1.5a with vanbook-derived customized style/theme). Did you change the max. font sizes in your preferences? Re: Stoplist: This is present in /library/Function.TagThis.php around line 50. Easy to edit (I did, added the top stop words from another language to be exact). I agree the add-on could benefit from a tag management tool to edit tags, delete tags (e.g. 'fark', 'motherfarker' etc.), merge tags (e.g. combine plural & singular versions of the same words), and perhaps 'ban' tags (which is, in effect, a list of stop words). If the initial list of "banned tags" consisted of the current stopword list in /library/Function.TagThis.php, then you'd have your stopwords admin tool... @spode: still love this extension... don't let us wishful thinkers p*ss you off (but... I sure would love to have that category-level cloud, ;-))
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    spodeFinally, something I felt would be quite useful to anyone coming in half way through the game, I added a script that will go through every discussion on your forum and generate tags for them from the titles. Worked a charm on You can run this by visiting /extension/?AutomaticTags=1 . It might generate a few errors, but they don't affect it's ability to function.
    Sorry beeing such a n00b but I have absolutely no idea how to run "/extension/?AutomaticTags=1". Help!? :)
    And can it handle running thru 1000+ topics?
  • I just installed Vanilla and make the first steps. Great software. Because i want to handle a bi-lingual forum (vietnamese-english), translation of any post is necessary. Looking around in the big amount of extensions and add-ons, i found TagThis. This morning i woke up with following idea: Two identical forums (but in different languages) on subdomains share the same database (described in another thread). Every post written in vietnamese only appears in the vietnamese forum and the same in english. But how to filter the posts? With the TagThis extension! No sooner said than done, implement the extension and.... no way to tag a post! Do you think it's a lot of work to add this?
  • Looks like HTML isn't stripped from the tags. Is there an option for this?
  • - double tagging if extract tags from subject is set and you add the same manually, then results appear twice for the keyword when clicking on the tag cloud

    - The Friendly Urls addon breaks you. Gives the following notice if trying to start a discussion without any tags or message: "Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in .../public/extensions/TagThis/library/Function.TagThis.php on line 96"
  • how to disable "Extract Tags from Discussion Title"
  • Warning this extension (1.08 and maybe older version too) cause vanilla (1.1.10 and maybe older versions too) to be susceptible to multiple xss attacks. See bug report #19 at for more informations.

    A simple way to check if you are vulnerable is to look at YourURL/vanilla/search.php?PostBackAction=Search&Type=Topics&Tag=>alert("l33t haxor"); and if you see an alert box with "l33t haxor" disable this addon.

    @spode, check the issue above as I will be posting a patch if I can find what cause the attack -- I do not know php at all, so it may take some time. This needs to be fixed as the extension is really good otherwise. ^_~
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