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Wordpress, Header & Footer Integration

edited July 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I put V2 is a subdirectory of my Wordpress website. I used the Proxy plugin in order to implement Single Sign On (Easy Peasey).

Now I would like to use the header and footer from my existing Wordpress Website in order to start creating a seamless experience. For now I am thinking about the "Joie" Theme until I get a better grip on how the V2 themes work.

Does anyone have any suggestions for adding the required code to the Vanilla Theme? Or is anyone aware of a clearly written tutorial?

Awesome Job dev team!


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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    I don't think including the Wordpress header/footer is a good way to go about doing that. I'd keep the themes separate, even if that does mean some redundant work, because it'll probably save you a headache in the future.
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    I think you might be right on this. I am already just building the navigation and CSS to blend the two together. The more I tinker around the easier it is to adjust accordingly. Thanks for the response. This is a really slick way to allow community discussions.
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    Same question here.

    I would definitely like to see code that implement header and footer integration, because I will use banners on my site, and I dont want to do it every time both on WP and Vanilla.

    We will see if anybody from Vanilla team will have solution for this.. Maybe it is something that is already planned :)
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    RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭

    This isn't as easy as you think...mainly because every wordpress theme is different.

    There's no way to know exactly what code would have to be modified for your vanilla forum to be integrated with your wordpress site.

    The best option is usually to get an experienced coder to do it for you (possibly for an hourly rate)
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    I agreed.. Mixing different meta tags, css, js... heavy workout

    But there was something like this already posted on this forum... I know because I tried, but with no success :)

    This guy with very nice WP and Vanilla website has a solution:

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    Here is a solution by Vanilla team
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    I cheated a little I just told wordpress and Nillia, where to find the header logos and background images. Here are just some of the snippets I used. A little sloppy but it was easy for me and it worked.

    *div style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; width: 1000px; height: 116px;">
    *img height="76" border="0" width="927" onload="OnLoadPngFix()" alt=" Your tag line here " title="" name="art_198" id="art_198" src="/templates/Myimages/headerlogo.png ">*/div>”

    *a href="h**p://www.yoursite/wordpress">*img height="116" width="1000" title=" What ever you like " alt="Your tag" src=" /templates/Myimages/headerlogo.png ">*/a>

    *img alt="MyNilla" src="/h**p://www.yoursite/wordpress/templates/Myimages/headerlogo.png ">*/span>

    Of course you would have to adjust them to suit your needs.
    The onload="OnLoadPngFix()" was added because of certain search-engine problems
    using gif or jpeg you can remove that.



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