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Whats up with no participated threads add-on?

I seem to have searched thru everything and can not manage to figure out a simple way to sort threads by participated. This is the first thing I look for in a board, so I can keep track of follow up comments in the most unobtrusive way. Halp


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  • Doesn't "My Discussions" tab do what you want?
  • I do not appear to have such an option (all I see is 'Discussions' and it links to all topics). I should note that I am just a member on this forum, so it is possible that the forum owner chose not to enable this, come to think of it. But I still would like to know about a workaround or add-on.
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    If you're looking for notifications to threads you've participated in, try clicking on the "Notifications" link on the right-hand side under "My Profile".

    On an unrelated note, your name is very confusing and your avatar is very funny.
  • zodiacdmzodiacdm
    edited July 2010
    Candyman said:

    You know, that is kind of the point of the voting system to the right of the posts...
    sirlancelot said:

    On an unrelated note, your name is very confusing...
    Why would you name yourself administrator on another forum? It's obvious people that know no better are going to think you are a vanilla developer...
  • @sirlancelot - I dont happen to have any of those options on said forum...

    That is my real legal name, Administrator Godpass Batman. I can't help the name my parents gave me.
  • @zodiacdm

    Sorry :( I'm still used to the old generation boards...
  • zodiacdmzodiacdm
    edited July 2010

    haha, yes, I understand, vanilla is not your good old forum anymore. :D

    But I like it XD


    haha, my mistake, in real life that is a rare name, on the Internet it is just confusing. ^^

    I don't understand what could be going on, there are no options in the default vanilla to disable what you are looking for.

    try putting /profile/ at the end of the url. This should be your profile if you are signed in.There should be several tabs there:
    Activity, Notifications, and Discussions.

    Discussions is the tab you are looking for.
    Activity also tells when you participate in a discussion as well, though, as well as notifications, when someone responds to a post you participated in.
  • the fact that there is no normal participated threads is what sucks most about Vanilla
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    What sucks most about Vanilla is people who complain about it without helping.

    I'd love to see this functionality myself and agree it would be immensely helpful. It's a great idea for a plugin.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    What sucks most about Vanilla is people who complain about it without helping.
    ITT: people asking for help from software developers, while at the same time calling their software sucky.


    In other news,

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    (Also, probably came off sounding more like a jerk than I meant to with that comment, my bad. Just lame to announce "why Vanilla sucks most" when everyone's busting their ass on it.)
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    I agree with you, I was trying to underline your point :D I do not appreciate negative comments like that unless they come bundled with contributions.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Oh I know, that was a general note to others who wander by and wonder what I'm all cranky about. :)
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