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Any feedback on Google Calendar Plugin

This discussion is related to the GoogleCalendar addon.


  • edited November 2010
    Great -

    1. how can i view the settings page? It just goes to a blank page.

    I deleted the whole thing including the db. Then added it again. Still no settings.

    2. I set the calendar to Australia/Melbourne (I previously added it to the tz data and added it to the DB also. And the times are oll off.

    - 25 November 2010
    1.00am - test 1 (map)
    11.00pm - test2 (map)

    - 26 November 2010
    12.00am - yo (map)

    However in the google calendar i have

    - 25 November 2010
    12.00pm - test 1 (map)

    - 26 November 2010
    10.00am - test2 (map)
    11.00am - yo (map)

    So the whole clock is out by 11 hours.

    Thanks for the work also.
  • 1, i dont know. im looking into this.
    2, do you have a ctz string which does work?
  • nope. they are all wrong it seams. Even when i default back to default in the plugin and the gmail cal app.
  • Ive been told this requires you to enable the world clock on your calendar and add the timezone supported.
    But i dont like this method so im investigating if its possible to use the timezone field or process it on the client. ID rather not have to process on the page as this will slow down the page load considerably.
  • @waynec the blank settings page ill look at tonight i think this is related to the user permissions check.

    Regarding the timezones the timezone parameter does not work and ctz wont work without the world clock on the google calendar site.

    i could allow you to set an offset to the times yourself but this will not take daylight savings into account.
  • Nope it doesnt - i already tried that. :-)
  • Any info on that blank settings page?
  • Didn't manage to replicate it on the forum i managed.
    No longer in charge of that forum as the group died but if you can fix it help your self.
  • edited July 2011
    I'm using it on my forum and the dates are all off by +7 hours... I'm in PDT which is GMT-7. any idea what this could be? adjusting the time zone seems to have no effect. is something on my server set to GMT and overriding everything?
  • This plugin causes a major error for me: when I enable it, and put "FeedID" as the FeedID in when setting up the calendar, it made the plugin unuseable. it put some sort of feed of all the posts and their dates on the left side of the dashboard's plugin menu, and also hid the list of plugins. the only way I could get rid of it was to delete the plugin. However this didn't even start me fresh, the settings are being saved somewhere other than in the plugin directory, so when I reinstalled it, the same problem occurred, and there's no way for me to fix it.
  • I'm also guessing this plugin is no longer being supported...
  • Be good if you could tweek permissions on it, as ideally dont want people not registered to the forum seeing the entires

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