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Attachments to FileUpload Importer

raykrayk New
edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
With HUGE THANKS TO MY FRIEND we have began on the task of trying to re import the attachments for vanilla 1 into vanilla 2 FileUpload.

We have been successful (this works!), but the current way is not user friendly, so we need some one to help us with making it into a user friendly php script. That would be quite awesome.

Anyway here are the instructions (the code for ruby script at the end of the post!)

First run this query to insert your old attachments table data into FileUpload table.

INSERT INTO GDN_Media (Name, Type, Size, StorageMethod, Path, InsertUserID, ForeignID, ForeignTable) SELECT Name, MimeType, Size, 'local', Path, 1, CommentID, 'comment' from LUM_Attachment

After that you need to extract the necessary data from the GDN_Media table in CSV format.

Run an SQL query:

SELECT Path, MediaID FROM `GDN_Media`

When the result comes up, click the "Export" button at the bottom of the page and export as CSV

Save the file onto your server

You should have a list of paths to media ids, like this (I made a copy of my old attachments inside FileUpload):

"FileUpload/2010/07/filename01.jpg";"3626" "FileUpload/2010/07/filename02.jpg";"3625"

Once that's done, run the ruby script:

ruby paths_to_mediaid_paths.rb <name of csv text file> <root path of source images> <root path of FileUpload folder, including FileUpload>

So for example:

ruby paths_to_mediaid_paths.rb path_to_mediaid.txt ./uploads ./uploads/FileUpload

If you forget a parameter it will tell you

To test without copying, add "lame" to the front:

ruby lame paths_to_mediaid_paths.rb path_to_mediaid.txt ./uploads ./uploads/FileUpload

There's a final parameter to the script, which is the "dispersion factor"

That value is saved in the FileUpload plugin's option "Plugin.FileUpload.DispersionFactor"

Here is the ruby script, name the file paths_to_mediaid_paths.rb
require 'fileutils'

lame = if ARGV[0] == 'lame'
puts "Lame operation, no changes will be made."

raise "No input CSV path given." if !ARGV[0]
input_path = ARGV[0]

raise "No source images base path given." if !ARGV[1]
source_images_path = ARGV[1]

raise "No dest images base path given." if !ARGV[2]
dest_images_path = ARGV[2]

dispersion_factor = if !ARGV[3]
puts "No dispersion factor given, using default of 20, please specify Plugin.FileUpload.DispersionFactor if different from default."

puts "Reading from #{ARGV[0]}..."

path_to_id = {}, 'r').each_line do |line|
result = /^\"(.+?)\";\"(\d+?)\"/.match(line)

if !result
puts "No match for line '#{line.chomp}', skipping."

path_to_id[result[1]] = result[2].to_i

puts "#{path_to_id.length} records read."

path_to_id.each do |path, media_id|
source_path = File.join(source_images_path, path)
source_extension = File.extname(source_path)
dispersion_id = media_id % dispersion_factor
dest_dir = File.join(dest_images_path, dispersion_id.to_s)
dest_path = File.join(dest_dir, "#{media_id}#{source_extension}")

puts "Copying '#{source_path}' -> '#{dest_path}'"

FileUtils.mkdir_p(dest_dir) if !lame
FileUtils.cp(source_path, dest_path) if !lame
rescue Exception=>e
puts " Error while copying: #{e}"


  • Thanks so much for working on this very important project!

    Please keep us updated.
  • The sql command has been updated to properly place the attachments in their relevant comment.

    Still figuring a way out with renaming files.
  • raykrayk New
    edited October 2010
    Moved all of this to first post!

    It is all working, but it needs some one to repackage it into a friendlier php script.

    Maybe @Tim can help us get this into a php script ;)
  • I'm excited by your breakthrough, but not crafty enough to implement it. Eagerly awaiting a script.
  • same with me.
    I'am thinking about runing that local - because me webspace doesn't suport ruby, but local I could run the script.

    Would be so great to have this as PHP script
  • Anyone able to help turn this in a php script?
  • LincLinc Vanilla's Bard (and Lead Developer) Detroit Vanilla Staff
    I might be willing to give it a shot if he'd thoroughly comment what's happening in the script. I can't read Ruby code. PS: Why would you make a Ruby script to migrate between PHP-based products? 0.o
  • edited November 2010
    so, translated nearly everything into php and put in crowds of comments

    please make the file better, because I only know bits of php and ruby, so I was only able to translate, but not to make real good code.
    There is one line of Ruby left in the very end of the file - don't know how to handle errors

    @Lincoln - are your able to do the rest?

    Would be great to also have the SQL things done by the script and get an html output with a form.

    that isn't finished or tested yet!


    /* Someone should write an GUI for that.
    * a form with files:
    * csv_path, path to attachments-files, path to fileUpload-folder, checkbox wether it's a testrun or files should be copied, dispersion-factor
    * What does this script?
    * 1) Takes the variables form the form or of the config-section
    * 2) Read in the files out of the CSV-file
    * 3) copy the files from "attachments" to "fileUpload" folder

    /* Config section
    * fill in your paths and so on
    // if true, only testrun, dont copy files
    $testrun = false;
    // the path to your CSV-file
    $csv_path = "";
    // path to your old attachments folder
    $from_attachments_folder_path = "";
    // path to your new fileUpload folder
    $to_fileUpload_folder_path = "";
    // dispersion-factor spread for files to many folders - by default 20, INTEGER
    $dispersion_factor = NULL ; // integer

    /* Checking the input variables

    // Check for testrun
    if ($testrun == true){
    echo "Lame operation, no changes will be made.";
    $lame = true;

    // check for csv_path
    // may there be a much shorter way to write that!
    // may should check if file exists
    if (!isset($csv_path)){
    print "No input CSV path given.";
    break; // End script here with error message
    } else{
    $input_path = $csv_path;

    // check for attachments-folder
    // may there be a much shorter way to write that!
    // may should check if folder exists
    if (!isset($from_attachments_folder_path)){
    print "No source images base path given.";
    break; // End script here with error message
    } else{
    $source_images_path = $from_attachments_folder_path;

    // check for attachments-folder
    // may there be a much shorter way to write that!
    // may should check if folder exists
    if (!isset($to_fileUpload_folder_path)){
    print "No dest images base path given.";
    break; // End script here with error message
    } else{
    $dest_images_path = $to_fileUpload_folder_path;

    // check for dispersion-factor - must be integer
    if (!isset($dispersion_factor)){
    $dispersion_factor == 20;
    print "No dispersion factor given, using default of 20, please specify Plugin.FileUpload.DispersionFactor if different from default.";
    //Don't break the script

    // status message
    echo "Reading form". $from_attachments_folder_path;

    $path_to_id = array() // new array

    // open CSV-file
    $handle = fopen ($input_path, "r");
    // read file
    while (!feof($handle)) {
    $line = fgets($handle);
    // get infos - example for line: "FileUpload/2010/07/filename01.jpg";"3626"
    preg_match("/^\"(.+?)\";\"(\d+?)\"/", $line, $result);

    // if line is empty - error message and next line
    if (!isset($result) {
    echo "No match for line" . $line . ",skipping";
    //key is path to file, value is media_id
    $path_to_id[result[1]] = result[2];
    } // End read file

    // Count records -> status message
    echo count($path_to_id) . "records read.";

    foreach ($path_to_id as $path => $media_id){
    $source_path = $source_image_path ."/". $path; //get path to source file
    $path_parts = pathinfo($source_path); // get extetion of the file
    $source_extention = $path_parts['extension'];
    $dispersion_id = $media_id % $dispersion_factor; // get dispersion_id
    $dest_dir = $dest_images_path . "/" . $dispersion_id; // get new folder + dispersion
    $dest_path = $dest_dir. "/" . $media_id . $source_extention; //get new file path

    // status message
    echo "Copying " . $source_path ." -> " . $dest_path;

    // Copying
    if ($lame != true){
    copy($source_path, $dest_path);
    // handle errors!
    rescue Exception=>e // ruby-code
    echo "Error while copying: #{e}"

    // status message
    echo "all done, all fine - have fun with fileUpload";

  • for automatic generation von the CSV file my that's a good start:
    hm, maybe also helpful:

    hm - might phpmyadmin is easier than write a new script...
  • edited October 2010
    so, now it has an form to put in your paths

    still untested - but PHP should work + some error handling features

    now I'm trying to style it a little more like the VanillaImpoter script
  • edited October 2010
    so - now the script has a form to fill in your paths. The SQL stuff has to be done by hand
    It's untested yet - I plan to test it tomorrow on a local installation.

    Would be great if someone could write the SQL part, so people only have to but in their SQL logins and all the stuff one have to do manuall is done by the script.

    The CSV file could be wrote in the same folder that the script is - so it would be even simpler to work with it.

  • edited October 2010
    enoght for today.

    What works:
    - the SQL things work manually
    - copying files from attachments to fileUpload
    - links in the forum are linked with the files (seems like, if there have been files in database befor you put in your old attachment files, that leeds to trouble with the links)

    What doesn't work yet:
    /* - seems like files of the first discussion aren't shown?
    SHIT - seems like fileUpload saves files of the first post as a attachment of the discussion, not of the comment -> seems like work, but could be done per php
    @rayk do you have attachment on your first post?! */
    EDIT: found a way to fix it - two complex SQL requests and everything should be fine

    To Do:
    - make rules, how the paths have to look like (with or without "/" in the end), if people do it wrong, correct it.
    - fix a bug -> absolute path/relative path problem
    - think about how to do the SQL things within the script

    Wanna help?
    - Think about how to manage the SQL things - would be great if people don't have to have vanilla 1 and vanilla 2 in the same database
    - Suggest me some good songs per Message
    - look at the code and suggest ways to make things quicker or in a better way.
    - think about some jquery magic to make things more usable
  • Awesome stuff :). Yes the uploads in the first post of discussions didn't carry across for me - but I only had a couple of threads where that was an issue that could be done manually.
  • edited November 2010
    yeah - figuered it out, how to fix the problem with the attachments of the first posts - need two SQL queries:
    INSERT INTO GDN_Media (Name, Type, Size, StorageMethod, Path, InsertUserID, DateInserted, ForeignID, ForeignTable) SELECT Name, MimeType, Size, 'local', Path, UserID, DateCreated, CommentID, 'comment' from LUM_Attachment WHERE lum_attachment.AttachmentID NOT IN(SELECT AttachmentID FROM lum_attachment JOIN forum.lum_discussion ON lum_attachment.DiscussionID = lum_discussion.DiscussionID WHERE lum_attachment.CommentID = lum_discussion.FirstCommentID)

    INSERT INTO GDN_Media (Name, Type, Size, StorageMethod, Path, InsertUserID, DateInserted, ForeignID, ForeignTable) SELECT Name, MimeType, Size, 'local', Path, UserID, DateCreated, DiscussionID, 'discussion', DateCreated from LUM_Attachment WHERE lum_attachment.AttachmentID IN(SELECT AttachmentID FROM lum_attachment JOIN lum_discussion ON lum_attachment.DiscussionID = lum_discussion.DiscussionID WHERE lum_attachment.CommentID = lum_discussion.FirstCommentID)
    may could be done quicker, but seems to work for me.
  • today I have started give the script a new and more usable layout + prepared it to be ready for input, to handle the SQL stuff.

    I have copied the structur and CSS from the vanilla exporter, but costumized it to fit the script. And prepared some jquery stuff for usability

    tomorrow I will try to get the SQL stuff working - so nothing left to be done by hand.

    Don't use, but if you want to, you can have a look
  • first step is made.

    If you have the databases of Vanilla1 and Vanilla2 an the same host, you now can export you Attachment database entries to FileUpload.

    Copy that file and run it from on your server:

    Through the development process my data will be set as default - because tip it in over and over again sucks. Will be cleaned up for the first real release.

    If your Vanilla 1 and Vanilla 2 databases are on different servers - I think the script won't work yet - had no chance to test and that has a low priority for me.

    Please test the script, look at the code and tell me what should be done in different way.

    Next step will be copying the files.

    If your in a hurry, you can export the CSV file in the old way and run the first script

    to be found:

    Tomorrow I will try to port the file stuff into the script with the SQL stuff.

  • This is great, I was just about to make one myself and now I don't have to. Good work.
  • does your attachment save the file path relative or absolute?
    mine does it absolute, but rayk's scripts seemed to me, like his does it relative...

    Will put in a test, to check this out before execute the script - so it won't matter, but would be fine to know.
    I try to have the script ready until monday or thusday, tonight I would link to get the file stuff to work - on the weekend I won't do anything and on monday I will have to tidy up the code and make some thinks even more usable and easier.
  • Mine is the absolute server path, like /home/website/public_html/forum/uploads/year/month/image.jpg
  • I guess, I've got it runing.

    Here is the alpha:

    Please test it on a test installation - your vanilla 1 installation won't get any changes, but the table "media" and the Folder "upload/FileUpload" of Vanilla2 will.

    Be sure to have enoght writing permissions on Vanilla 2 root/upload/FileUpload - this will be checked by the script, but see "What should be done"-section in this post.

    Would be good to get bug reports, if there are still bugs.

    On Monday I will clean up the code a little bit and put helpful comments in.

    = What isn't working yet =
    Export the Attachments form one database host to another. Your vanilla 1 and vanilla 2 databases have to be on the same server, but can be in different tables.
    After enable export database to remote database host you could port your files and stuff from one server to another.

    = What should be done =
    Divide Database Work from File Work - because errors on file porting things will lead to copy database again!

  • @vegano: It gives me:
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING on line 25
  • @SubJunk

    please try again:

    I'm trying to give possibility to have a testrun without changing anything - but seams much more difficult than I thought - because the file-stuff needs information of the new database that sould be build before...

    Not ready yet: Export from one database host to another
  • @vegano: Thanks for the update.
    My server supports uppercase table names, so it was failing to find the tables.
    So I changed "attachment" on line 554 to "Attachment", and "media" on line 571 to "Media" and it got further.

    Then it gave me an error that it couldn't find the files, and I realised I had entered the wrong directory.
    I had entered the plugin directory, not the upload directory.
    I suggest changing line 428 to:

    <label>Attachment Uploads Path <span>your Attachment plugin's upload directory (absolute path)<br />Example:<br /><strong>/home/site/public_html/forumdirectory/uploads</strong></span></label>

    and line 457 to:

    <label>FileUpload Uploads Path <span>your FileUpload plugin's upload directory (absolute path)<br />Example:<br /><strong>/home/site/public_html/forumdirectory/uploads/FileUpload</strong></span></label>

    Also if you remove line 89 the labels will have more room.

    So anyway, I did it properly I think and it takes me to the finish page but nothing happened. It gives me the message:

    Everythings done - you are ready now -2 Database Lines exported 0 Files exported

    Despite there being a lot of attachments.
  • Thanks @SubJunk - took all the improvements you suggested.

    Hm - strange - you should only come to the "everythings done" page if things are right - my I messed things by working on the testrun feature - i will check this.

    Please run the testrun und check what is displayed.
    You will see what SQL query will be run.

    Oh - ok, I think I know, what happens:

    the "-2" Database Lines meens, that there are two wrong statements of SQL - so no SQL export was done - and because database is empty no file export is possible

    So I have to check the error handling on the database thing.

    Please run the testrun and post results here or try to figure out whats wrong on your own and share your recognition
  • I think I've found the bug - the trigger of an error message was set wrong.

    Load new from
  • Really nice progress guys, good stuff!!!
  • @vegano: Thanks for working on it more.
    I have found and fixed some bugs, I uploaded an updated file to
  • @SubJunk - is it working for you now.
    If yes - I will take your alpha3 and try to clean up the code a little.

    Has one of you guys a idea how to make the Testrun a good thing.

    And the export form one database host to another is still unsolved- I even don't know what will happen, if someone tryes to do so - but... there can't be much happen :)
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