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HtmLawed and other input format

cdavidcdavid New
edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Dear all (especially @Todd @Lincoln ),

I am trying to set up a plugin which allows you to write in a different format than HTML, mainly TeX / LaTeX. All seems to work fine, but I can't get HtmLawed (or Vanilla?) to play nicely with the new plugin.

So, in the interface I have a radio button that allows a user to select the input format (LaTeX / HTML). If the users selects LaTeX, the content is then sent to a web service that takes LaTeX and returns properly formatted XHTML (and I can guarantee that) that is added to the database in a special column (BodyXHTML), alongside with Format=LaTeX in GDN_Discussion / Comment.

The problem is that HtmLawed / Vanilla are too smart and are purifying this such that an input such as:
which would translate into XHTML + MathML
<div class="document"> <div class="para"> <p style="" class="p"> <m:math display="inline"> <m:semantics> <m:mrow> <m:mrow> <m:mn>123</m:mn> <m:mo>+</m:mo> <m:mn>3242</m:mn> </m:mrow> <m:mo><</m:mo> <m:mn>999</m:mn> </m:mrow> </m:semantics> </m:math> </p> </div> </div>

is actually rendered as
<p> 123+3242</p>

I am already hooking into: DiscussionController_BeforeCommentBody_Handler to do:
if(isset($Sender->EventArguments["Comment"])){ $Sender->CurrentComment->Body = $Comment->BodyXHTML; } else{ $Sender->Discussion->Body = $Comment->BodyXHTML; } and in public function PostController_BeforeCommentBody_Handler($Sender) { $Sender->CurrentComment->Body = $Sender->EventArguments['Comment']->BodyXHTML; }

Disabling HtmLawed doesn't solve anything, making me think it's a more intricate Vanilla problem.

Any suggestions and pointers are welcome.

Thanks a lot,



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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Out of my element on this one, sorry. I think @Todd did the filter work. This is an area where my knowledge of V2 is still limited.
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    Thanks anyways.

    So, I am still experimenting: I leave the format to be Html for the comments and disable HtmLawed by putting return $Html; before the actual call to the htmLawed function (a crude disable) and everything works perfectly for LaTeX posts. Still, since now HtmLawed is disabled, any mention of < > in the posts will break the XHTML ...

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    ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2010
    One thing I would suggest is make your Latex style html a different named formatter that will do what you want. Here is the relevant code:

    In your event handlers after you assign body:

    $Sender->CurrentComment->Format = 'LatexHtml';
    Add a formatter function to your plugin:

    public function Format($String) {
    // You can do what you want to format the string.
    // This will grab the current Html formatter which would be Htmlawed in most cases.
    $Formatter = Gdn::Factory('HtmlFormatter');
    if ($Formatter)
    $String = $Formatter->Format($String);
    return $String;
    Above your class definition you'll have to to tell the framwork about your formatter:

    // Make sure you substitute your classname below.
    // The Htmlawed plugin does this so you can have a look if you are confused.
    Gdn::FactoryInstall('LatexHtmlFormatter', 'PluginClassName', __FILE__, Gdn::FactorySingleton);
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    Thanks @Todd . I'll take a look and come back with results.

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    @Todd -- thanks a lot, works like a charm!
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