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jQuery double instance/load using Embed

valajbegvalajbeg New
edited December 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I have site that already have jQuery and some jQuery plugins in it and i tried to embed vanilla but it crashes somehow very strange..

Finally i find out that it's up to double jQuery instance, what so you suggest me to do?

p.s. I noticed that only google chrome can handle double jquery instance with same name.


  • does anyone have any idea?
  • anyone?
  • can you please install firebug in firefox and open up the firebug console on your website and tell me what the error is?

  • only error that i see is: "Reload to activate window console"

    but believe me, i tried to disclude jQuery in parent page and it works ... :( it's due to multiple jQuery load :(

    how to disable loading jQuery in vanilla so that it takes only the one that loads with my parent page?

    i think that could solve the problem
  • actually here iw shat i get:

    Firebug cannot find _firebugConsole element true Window forum
    Firebug cannot find _firebugConsole element true Window forum
    Firebug cannot find _firebugConsole element true Window forum
    Firebug cannot find _firebugConsole element true Window forum
    Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped.
    [Break on this error] o}return a};c.extend({noConflict:funct...){s.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",
    jquery.js (line 26)
    Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped.
    [Break on this error] .round-main { margin: 0; background: #...dding: 2px 7px; border: 0; zoom: 1; }

    and many more Unknown property warnings

    perhaps i didn't do something right with firebug?
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Hmm. I find it crazy that the container frame would clash in any way with the iframe. The iframe is the only element that includes jquery, and since it is built to be cross-domain, there should not be a clash of any kind.

    Are you sure that it is embed vanilla that is double-including jquery? Can you give us the url to your embed page so we can have a look ourselves? (be sure to write @Mark in your post so I get notified and come back to help out :)
  • @Mark

    unfortunately it's on localhost

    it's linux/debian and firefox 3.5

    as i said when i exclude jquery in parent page it works well

    i really don't know what is the problem, is there any way you can try t replicate the problem?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    What other javascript is included on the page? Simply including the core jquery library should not cause any problems.
  • ah, you may be right

    you can check all js that i include at
  • It seems that there is something with jQuery plugin for round corners, as i remove those functions, problems disappear

    here is that plugin:
  • I'm willing to pay someone who solves this problem for me.

    I believe that there is some overlap between js in vanilla and in this jquery plugin because everything works ok if i exclude that plugin.

    here is plugin

    and here i have preview of forum
    (but probably you will be blocked/redirected since i left jquery plugin to be loaded by default. )

    anyone, please?
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