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Swear Filtering Extension

edited February 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Sorry if this idea has been suggested already, I had a quick search and couldn't find anything. I'm not sure how this would work exactly, or how to code it, but I just want to know what you guys think and maybe i'll have a go. I think PHPBB (our worst enemy??!) has this feature. I use Vanilla daily for my band, and I often view discussions at school. My mates tend to swear a lot, and so around 90% of the discussions are filtered at my school due to swearing. I suppose the swear filter would simply change the word so that it wouldn't filter it. Maybe you could set a preference in your account setting and enable the swear filter. Just a little suggestion that would benefit me greatly.


  • It already exists, in 0.9.3. Reading through the blacklist = 3 minutes of hilarity.
  • that is a *lot* of bad word. jesus christ.
  • I always manage to find a word not covered by swear filters. I don't know if that's something to be proud of.
  • heh. Well i dunno who made the list but it's pretty inclusive.
  • yeah, lots of swearing lol. didn't realise it already exists, cheers!
  • Some of the words in that should prolly be taken off - fart, lesbian for example. You want to maintain a clean enviroment, but you don't want to totally limit their freedom of speech on your boards (unless it's a little kid forum, I guess, lol).
  • I find swear filters completely rundant; you can always get by them by doing something as simple as as<i></i>shole.
  • C-unit i think it was probably designed as a comprehensive list. There are some in there that people wouldnt think of but may find offensive. If there are words which you dont find offensive then it's easy enough to remove them. I dont see the point in finding words spoken on an internet forum offensive, personally, but thats just me.
  • Well fuck you minisweeper. (<3)
  • We're living in the 21st century. Lesbian is by no means a bad word. How else are you going to describe a lesbian? I even don't think people who disrespect lesbians and gays find that bad words. Maybe if people are offended by the word, they should put it IN the list.
  • yeah but thats my point - while they might be offended by it they might not think about it at the time to put it in. granted it's not gonna kill them if they see it once then add it but meh. I really dont see the issue with most the words in there. I'm not a bad kid and while i dont use them every alternate word (southpark has a lot to answer for), when i do use them they're really part of a vocabulary. Ok so if i said them infront of my gran it'd shock her and my parents would tut quietly, but who says theyre any more right than me. Soceity is strange sometimes.
  • Currently, the only word in mine is "M$". If only I could specify what I wanted each word replaced with...
  • Shouldnt be that difficult to change the extension to work that way, though the only way i can think of doing it would be with a loop (is there a better way?) which might slow things down a little.
  • The simple solution to those issues is make the list customisable through the admin panel. While words such as lesbian aren't bad, I would filter them due to my schools filter. That way everyones happy, I suppose. I wouldn't use the filter other than school anyway.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That swear list was provided to me by a client. I never even read it in it's entirety.
  • I highly recommend it.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    what about swearing in ascii art / images / or using urlencoded text to get the point across? surely there's not a sane person alive willing to code something this devious. Anyway, while it's fresh in my head still, does a custom topic flag exist yet for 9.3 or is that being left for an extension/later revision?
  • There are always people who will find ways to avaid the filter, it happens on all forums. And jeez that persons knows a lot of naughty words :o!
  • I find cussing to be the crutch of the ignorant... but that's just me. ;) Yay for filters!
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