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Incorrect redirect after clearing Private Messages (Conversations)

edited December 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I have Vanilla 2.0.16 installed to directory
When I delete (clear) conversations (I am pressing button Delete Conversation). Dialog box pops up and I press OK. Then It redirects me to instead of So I get 404 error after deleting conversation, because it redirects me to /forum/forum/... instead of /forum/...
How to solve this? Is it bug or not?


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    Solved it.
    In class.messagecontroller.php if function Clear() line:
    $this->RedirectUrl = Url('/messages/all');
    change to:
    $this->RedirectUrl = Gdn::Request()->Url('messages/all', TRUE);
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    TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Hm. That shouldn't need to happen. Url() is @Todd's baby, maybe he has some ideas

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

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    Yep. This is reported bug. The problem existed also when deleting thread but that one was solved a while ago. However, problem with messages persisted.
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    edited March 2011
    So - running 2.0.17 code three months later, and the redirect still appears to be not working. Is this fix going to be in the next release?

    I'm running Vanilla in a folder /foo When deleting a private message (conversation) I get redirected to /foo/foo/messages/all - the folder gets doubled up. When looking at what "Url(...)" gives, it includes the /foo and I gess the AJAX handler adds the http://domain/foo prefix to that too.

    The above suggested fix works for me. I guess it gets around the problem by passing the AJAX handler a full (external) URL to the messages page, complete with domain, and that stops the JS AJAX handler from adding its own path on.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Issue is filed here: Added notes from this discussion.

    Thanks for the extra info, @judgej. I'm reticent to just throw the 'TRUE' on the end to send it with domain rather than fixing whatever the core problem might be with the ajax handler.
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    edited March 2011
    I tried following it through to see what was happening, but concluded in the end that since I did not know which was correct: the JS side adding the path or the server side adding the path, I just went for the solution here. I've also not followed up why I'm not seeing this problem elsewhere - perhaps this is just one last remnant of relative AJAX URLs that has not been changed?

    TBH, full URLs everywhere they are used dynamically are a fine way to approach this kind of issue in my experience. It is only when URLs (and root paths) get embedded in logfiles and content that it becomes a problem, since it makes the application much less portable.

    It not as though people constantly move their applications around, but to support staging areas and pre-production/test instances, it needs to be easily relocatable to new paths and domains, with a full copy of live data.
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    I tried your method above... but could only get it to work by changing it to:
    `public function Clear($ConversationID = FALSE) {
    $Session = Gdn::Session();

      // Yes/No response
      $this->_DeliveryType = DELIVERY_TYPE_BOOL;
      // Clear it
      if (is_numeric($ConversationID) && $ConversationID > 0 && $Session->IsValid())
         $this->ConversationModel->Clear($ConversationID, $Session->UserID);
      //$this->InformMessage(T('The conversation has been cleared.'));
      $this->RedirectUrl = Url('/messages/all', TRUE);
      echo "<br />Please Wait...";
      header('Location: index.php?p=/messages/inbox');`
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