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This discussion is related to the Kudos Plugin addon.
please leave your considerations here.
bugs, feedback, improvements...


  • How is this different to the voting plugin, that is used here?
  • this is more simple.
    you can give your vote to a comment and view below who voted it and what vote he gave.
  • Maby you can put a screenshot on the Addon page, so people can see the different.
  • there you go. screenshot added
  • edited January 2011
    I've installed this on my dev server and really like it. Voting is different, like Digg or Reddit. Kudos is similar to Facebook's Like - which is perfect. Just what I needed!

    What would be nice is that when someone likes a post, it appears in the Activity Feeds.

    I've also edited the plugin so that it shows different wording when up-voting / down-voting. Maybe there could be a preference panel for the plugin that allowed you to change the wording, but also have a checkbox to post to activity feed?
  • thank you for you feedback. i'll definitely fix the wording using vanilla's internal T() function for localization.
    also i'll check the activity feed thing. nice one!
  • screenshot isn't working by clicking.
  • On the first post (fist thing in the discussion, not a comment), Kudos DON'T works with ajax hooks and DON'T updates the Kudoers list on the fly, this list is just freeze ! Please help me to fix it. Thank you.
  • aeryaery Gtricks Forum in 2.2 :) ✭✭✭
    Can you please add some beautiful icons like thumbs up? People tend to click on icons

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  • nice plugin, it is better fitting my need than the voting plugin. However, I do not care much for the information who likes and who doesn't (but I can delete this easily from the plugin).

    Any idea how to get this working for the mobile theme?
  • Great plugin! Does not work on mobile theme ... :(
  • plugin updated!
  • aeryaery Gtricks Forum in 2.2 :) ✭✭✭
    Please add icons like thumbs up. It will be discriptive.

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  • meadwaykmeadwayk New
    edited March 2011
    Adding icons is, as it turns out, quite easy. I created some thumbs up and down icons (and selected icons), and updated the default.php starting line341:

    $Toolbar = '';
    $Kudos = $this->KudosModel->GetDiscussionKudos($DiscussionID);
    if($CommentID) $Kudos = $this->KudosModel->GetCommentKudos($CommentID);

    if($this->loved($Kudos)) $Toolbar .= '< img sr c="/uploads/thumbsup-selected.png" alt="You have given this comment a thumbs up" title="You have given this comment a thumbs up"> ';
    else $Toolbar .= '< img sr c="/uploads/thumbsup.png" alt="Give a thumbs up for this comment" title="Give a thumbs up for this comment"> ';
    if($this->hated($Kudos)) $Toolbar .= '< img sr c="/uploads/thumbsdown-selected.png" alt="You have given this comment a thumbs down" title="You have given this comment a thumbs down">';
    else $Toolbar .= '< img sr c="/uploads/thumbsdown.png" alt="Give a thumbs down for this comment" title="Give a thumbs down for this comment">';

    if(count($Kudos['l']) || count($Kudos['h']))
    $Toolbar .= ' (+'.count($Kudos['l']).' / -'.count($Kudos['h']).' )';

    return $Toolbar;

    I can try and add a screenshot if you like but if the images are quite small, the effect is quite good! The selected icons highlight the user has already given a comment a thumbs up or down!
    I also hid the votes plugin from showing the votes button on the discussion pages, but still allow them to show the 'votes/follows/page views/comments' bar on the categories/discussion list pages, as they show some useful info that I can't duplicate.
  • When the user is not logged in, the +1 -1 option should not show up. It doesn't do anything. Or it should open the sign up option.
  • from memory they do show up, but if the user is not logged in, and votes, then the vote is not saved, and does not count!
  • Thanks for this addon!

    I would love to have a setting to turn on or off the ability for people to give -1.
  • thanks, it work properly but I think there should be some visuality like in this page ; and there should be more options to customize voting icons,boxes etc...
  • RaizeRaize vancouver ✭✭
    This is much much better direction than the Voting plugin.. likes should show up in the activity feed as opposed to within the post

    Great job
  • How can I display user's avatar instead of just name?
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