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Vanilla 2.0.17 Released

This discussion is related to the Vanilla addon.


  • i keep getting parse errors on bootstrap.php if its not one thing its another, working on a mac idk if that has something to do with it
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @wowbb Are you running PHP 5.2?
  • thanks. am designing a theme.

  • I've successfully integrated Smarty 3.0.7 with the latest version of Vanilla. If you're interested I'll submit a pull request on GitHub.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Awesome! I remember looking at Smarty 3 when it was in beta and there were some backwards compatibility and speed issues. Do you know if those issues have been cleared up?
  • According to the Smarty forums, Smarty 3 should be marginally slower during compilation, but faster during runtime. In any case, my workplace is using Smarty 3 on a major production website and we haven't seen any performance issues.

    There's only one major backwards compatibility issue that I've encountered when converting templates to Smarty 3, and that's regarding {php} blocks (they're executed individually now, whereas before you could use them like <?php ?> blocks). Still, the templates currently used in Vanilla don't employ any problematic code, thus the only changes needed are in the bootstrap and the API calls.
  • great work ! Posting comments with my phone is now working with new version
  • Hello,
    I currently installed vanilla at I was wondering if there is a color change option in the default theme? I was also wondering if there is a plugin that anyone has found that will automatically insert a "snippet" or syntax area or place selected text into snippets or syntax. I see a lot of people use it here but I don't see an option to place it in the box, I assume they are just entering a tag. Problem is, my forum is for beginners so most of them wont know how to do this manually. I would really appreciate any help I can get and thank you in advance.
  • so good
  • Just tried to install but got error:

    You are missing Vanilla's .htaccess file. Sometimes this file isn't copied if you are using ftp to upload your files because this file is hidden. Make sure you've copied the .htaccess file before continuing.

    Went to the downloaded file and it's not in there...any ideas? Thanks!
  • @opensourceguy The Vanilla Default theme in the addons section has 7 color options. Not sure on the code snippet.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @Ross24 Maybe your system thinks it's a hidden file. Are you on a Mac?
  • @Lincoln I am on a Mac. Is there a way to make the file visible? In the meantime, I'm uploading the file from my PC as I type this :).
  • Also, I saw there are "plans" for when you get more visitors that just if the forum is hosted by Vanilla? Thanks for your help!
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    Also, I saw there are "plans" for when you get more visitors that just if the forum is hosted by Vanilla? Thanks for your help!
    That's correct :) when you host the software yourself you are limited only by your hardware and technical expertise.

    Vanilla Forums COO [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • @Tim Wow, that's pretty cool! Is there anywhere to donate? As in the future I may be wanting to do so :) seems like great software so far.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @Ross24 To force Mac to show all hidden files:

    Bit annoying to see the darn .DS_Store files all the time, but basically required if you're a web dev working with .htaccess all the time. You can reverse it any time too.
  • @Lincoln Okay, thanks! I'll check out the link.

    Just wondering if there's an issue with BlackBerry Curve and trying to login to the mobile side of the forums? Tried to do so here and on my own forums and it won't log me in, using email, Facebook or Twitter. It goes through all the steps but then doesn't log me in at the end. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    @Ross24 I have no idea, sorry.
  • @Lincoln Okay, thanks anyway!
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