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Learning PHP and Vanilla customization

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
so Vanilla has inspired me to learn PHP a while back but I'm only now getting around to it. I have a rudamentry understanding of coding in general and so I understand basic concepts but I'm a it intimidated.

Have any of you got suggestions or resources I can make use of? For instance I'm looking at a vanilla addon now that I'm extracting bits otu of to make a new plugin that does what I want. There are a few problems, anywhere I can post to get help?

Any help to get me rolling on learning PHP for vanilla addons would be fantastic.


  • @Rajio

    It will depend a bit on what you want to do as to whether Vanilla is a reasonable place to start your first PHP coding experience. Personally I have been coding in PHP for over a decade and while Vanilla is fairly clean internally, it is not always well commented and a lot of what is going on is highly abstracted due to the MVC methodology.

    The obvious thing to do is to constantly refer to the PHP manual, especially the sections to do with classes. From there, make sure you are using a reasonable code editor (which supports line numbers!) and that you are comfortable with command line searching (find, grep and maybe Awk).

  • Well maybe ill start with something from scratch to get myself familiar at first. Thanks for that tip.

    I know I could buy a 'learn php in 16 days' book or something bu i figured theres probably better web-based resources out there now.
  • LincLinc Vanilla's Bard (and Lead Developer) Detroit Vanilla Staff
    My favorite PHP books (Amazon).

    I've purchased/received thousands of dollars of tech/web books over the years. Those are the ones that were most helpful along the way. Also, is invaluable. If there's a great PHP intro online, I've yet to find it. One day I'll make it myself.
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