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Migrated from vBulletin. Users unable to login

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I recently migrated from vbulletin to Vanilla.

Migration seemed to go fine, correct number of users, threads etc. The issue I have is that no users, except for myself, can login.

I appreciate each user needs to reset their password now. I have had 5 members I know personally test this with me for a few hours and I can't solve it.

A user comes to the forum, uses the password reset. They successfully get the reset email, follow the link and reset their password just fine.

After submitting the password reset, they are not logged in automatically (unsure if they are meant to be). The user attempts to login directly, using the Vanilla login form (email + password) and the following error is given:

"Sorry no account could be found related to the email and password you entered."

I have checked and double checked the users email and password with them and those are definitely correctly entered. I have checked their profile via the admin panel and it all matches up just fine.

The user(s) are assigned to the Member role and this has "Sign In" ticked/activated so this is configured correctly. I have also manually set the password (via admin panel) on 2 of the user accounts and had them use the password I set, makes no difference.

I am stuck for what I can do now so I'd really appreciate if someone could assist.

This is a standalone installation of Vanilla, installed in a directory (/forum) of a web site that is built with just static pages, so there is no integration with any CMS's or anything.




  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited February 2011
    I think this is a bug. If they've reset their password, check that their HashMethod (User table) is set to 'Vanilla' not 'vBulletin' for those users.

    Resetting your password won't change your HashMethod, so it gets stuck on vBulletin if they never log in with their existing password.
  • That appears to be exactly the problem Lincoln. I've changed some of the users from "vBulletin" to "Vanilla" in the database and they can login just fine!

    I guess I need to come up with a query to run that will now swap out vBulletin with Vanilla in the HashMethod column now.

    Thanks very much for the help!
  • I wrote the following query (I am very rusty with mysql queries, rusty with mysql in general). I've executed it anyway and it appears to have worked but I'd appreciate if you could confirm if this was the right query to run:

    UPDATE GDN_User SET HashMethod=REPLACE(HashMethod,'vBulletin', 'Vanilla');
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited September 2011
    If you've given up on users logging in without resetting their password, yeah that should do it. Or just "UPDATE GDN_User SET HashMethod='Reset'" would've done it too.
  • shozen1shozen1 New
    edited September 2011
    is it necessary to reset the passwords after changing the hash method to vanilla? it seems thats the only way I can get it to work here...

    also, can anyone tell me how to change all hash passwords at once? I have tried the query: UPDATE GDN_User SET HashMethod='Vanilla' and pressed update but it didnt do anything.


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  • *I could use the split functionality of Vanilla by now...*
    @shozen1 I can see in this thread that you succeeded executing the SQL query, does that mean that your update query problem is gone and you only have a problem with resetting your users passwords?

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  • shozen1shozen1 New
    edited September 2011
    @Underdog - no I still need to change the hashmethod for ALL users

    In the thread you refer to I had changed ONE users hashmethod manually...

    I still do not know how to change everyones hashmethod using phpmyadmin, is there some command I can use to make this easier rather than going through each member 1 by 1 and changing their permissions...any ideas?


    edit: i thumbled my way through and have managed to change hash method for all users - dba's beware!

    Now I just need the command to reset everyones password.

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  • @shozen1 please just don't use 2 threads at the same time for 1 single problem. You're using PHPBB and not vBulletin as I can read from the other thread.

    Also don't assume that changing the hash method from "PHPBB" to "Vanilla" in 1 single users table requires manual work, just because you didn't succeed.
    Now, let's continue with your problem in that other thread and let this thread rest for the vBulletin migration problems.

    *I could use the split functionality of Vanilla by now...*

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  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    I've corrected my query above. You'll want to set the hash method to 'Reset' not 'Vanilla' if you want all users to reset their password. You most definitely do NOT want to change all hashes to the same value.
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