Vanilla 1 is no longer supported or maintained. If you need a copy, you can get it here.
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How did you find vanilla?

I'm guessing (well, hoping mostly) that all the users on this site have a copy of vanilla installed. What i want to know is- can you remember the first time you installed it? How did you find it on this hulking monster that is the world wide web. Told by a friend? Click a link? Find a vanilla forum and do some google based sleuthing? For me, i have a copy of wordpress and i'm using K2 as the theme. I visited the K2 support website and voila, we have lussumo. I was thinking to myself (wow, this forum looks like it would be pretty cool. *installs a copy*. Wow, this forum is way cool)


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    i read the web standards group mailing list and someone was asking about tableless forums and the like and vanilla's name was dropped.
  • Canny for the life of me remember!
  • Just arbitrarily pushing links like I do every day, and stumbling across Lussumo, I think I first found out Filebrowser and then I came here for help and thought "what a cool forum." And here I am.
  • I've known about Lussumo for far, far too long...

    After o8 disappeared into the ether, I'd check back on the old domain from time to time as Mark/nav would throw up a random page every now and then. Then one day was a big-ish announcement about a whole buch of Lussumo products, so i entered my email address so I could be updated, as soon as he announced Vanilla, I was in like flynn.
  • I'm with FLC. I checked back to lussumo randomely for a while pining over the death of o8 then forgot about it for ages. For some reason one day i remembered it so i came over to check it out. Shame i missed the first couple of months but i hopped on the band wagon as quick as i could.
  • I was over at the Pixel2Life forums in a thread about favorite forum software. And like the only response that wasn't IBP or vB was Vanilla, so I Googled it, and came here.
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    Me too SirNot, same here, that same Wikipedia page. Once I'd seen it I just lurrved it. Does that make us brothers then?
  • From polish webdesign forum :)
  • Just checked out the Vanilla wikipedia page, and noticed that some retard added this to the complaints section:

    * It requires registration and administrator approval-- there is no way to post without first filling out your name and e-mail, and waiting for an administrator to give you posting access.

    BTW, I think I should remove the complaints section all together, since everything else in the article is based on FACTS and the complaints are obviously opinions and opinions are not facts.
  • I found it from a plug on's little link posts.
  • opensourcecms
  • My friend who is in the know on these things gave me the link.

    Been here since. You can blame him.
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    I had the link passed to me from the Accessify Forums and I've been here ever since.
  • Crazybat: well, that link may well have been the first good thing to come out of a phpBB
  • Hey mattisfrommars.

    Thanks :) Accessibility is something I'm really passionate about. The folks at the Accessify Forums are very cool and know their stuff :)
  • Kottke linked it a few months ago.
  • I came from the wikipedia page... after gagging on the other alternatives over a period of several months
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Mark popped into one of our other forums and was requesting beta testers :) I signed up rather quickly :)
  • Ah, beta testing forums. Spend all day posting on forums, but feel useful!
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