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edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
I see that mark started pushing some promized caching code to Vanilla codebase.
Is it possible to know exact plans for implementation of this feature in next release?


  • LincLinc Senior Bard Detroit Admin
    Caching is indeed coming eventually, but releases are not scheduled.
  • May be at least draft roadmap of Vanilla in this direction?
  • LincLinc Senior Bard Detroit Admin
    Nope! :D
  • This is sad.
    I see that Memcache use seems to be the plan (and according to Mark posts also).
    But I am also very interested if cache for unregistred users (famous vBulletin approach also known as 10min delayed state) will be implemented (simple file based is pretty ok).
    As I'll have sudden spikes of activity, mainly from non-registred users, and wanted to have some solution for them.
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