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vanilla + cart, MVC, and layout ... newB Qs

edited March 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hi all, Came here through various comments that this is the place to be.
Also, because vB, IPB, and SMF are just not really me.

1.) I am running opencart as my base cms and shop for my site and really would like to complement those with a forum. The cms and cart are already tied together login wise ... how much of an effort would be having them play with vanilla together? (login / user issues ....)

No, I wouldn't mind trying to actually work out a unified user/login system between the two.

2.) Since opencart is a MVC architecture. I have to admit that I still need to go through vanilla's directories in more detail but am wondering how much effort would it be to merge the 2 together ...

3.) Saw a similar topic already but never really a straight answer. Which is vB like layout vs vanilla's web2.0 type.

3a.) For a normal site I can see users getting used to this system but still have wonders since I'm old school. What are some of things to expect.

3b.) I'm also setting up a site that is very developer focused and would like to make it easier for users to make the shift from your typical vb/phpbb layout and functionality to vanilla. Is there hope for me here?

4.) Actually, I have a few ideas up my sleeve so wondering ... what the developers vision is for the future. How far do you want to see vanilla to integrate with other projects.

Actually, numbers 1 and 2 should give you an idea of where I'm going. At the moment I'm looking for the right forum to bring into the project. ( Currently mybb and vanilla are personal choices and favorites.)


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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    1) Check out ProxyConnect: (Not my area, but I think you may be able to work something out with that)

    2) That probably won't work. I recommend keeping Vanilla in a separate folder.

    3) I don't understand... what does "Which is vB like layout" mean?

    3a) I think so. I moved a community of extremely un-tech-savvy folks and they made it just fine. Encourage them to be patient for the first 2 weeks while they learn the new paradigm. You may need to prompt them how Conversations works - I've noticed several people stumbling there.

    4. I think there is a ton of integration in Vanilla's future. Vanilla is built to be customizable, simple, and a chameleon.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    1.) will do!

    2.) Actually, I should have been clearer. I do agree that as an application vanilla and the shops would go in their own directories. I was also thinking of the more "core" like functions; url class, login class, etc ... basically the low level framework. opencart is relatively good in that sense but is not as mature as yii or kohana.

    I'm imagining a core framework with forums, shop, etc ... sitting on top.

    3.) ooops, should have been more like, "Is there a vB/phpbb like theme"?
    Thanks for your comments! Will the "tech savy" folks revolt? :)

    4.) Thanks for the comments here too!
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Vanilla is built on a full-featured custom framework called Garden. I don't see any use in merging something else into it. In fact you could code an e-commerce system to site on top of Garden if you were ambitious enough. Vanilla is technically just a forum app sitting atop the Garden framework.

    Everyone hates change. Encourage patience and be patient and you'll all get thru it. :)
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    Thanks a lot for replying! I really do appreciate it!
    Ahhh, so that is what Garden is. I showed have read a little more. My bad.

    I will definitely take a deeper look now.

    I do undersand the patient part (I live in Japan ;) ) ... folks over at yii were saying similar things about their framework.

    The reason for asking these questions is that I have a goal/vision that could be presented here but I'd rather go to email with developers, at the moment, rather than go posting it all over the place where somebody with more cash could step in.

    Would you mind personal email?

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Email's in my profile, just be aware sometimes it takes me a while to reply depending on the week :)
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