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Are There Any Plans To Improve Search?

I'm still on Vanilla 1.1.10, because of functionality that has changed or been lost with the 2.x.x series, that my users would revolt if they lost (whispers, search, and some stuff that the currently available extensions just aren't supplying in any robust way yet, though things are slowly coming along).

This question is about search, though. In 1.x.x, we had excellent, granular search, for topics, comments, and users. We could order and filter down quite easily with the advanced search. Thus far in the new versions, search functionality, much to my surprise and chagrin, is at best rudimentary. I'm wondering if and when we might expect a better baked-in search functionality.


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    lucluc ✭✭
    whispers is available as "conversation" using the "inbox".

    Todd is currently creating a search based on solr as an addon. So search should be much better.
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    edited April 2011
    @luc Good news on search. Any ETA?

    Thanks, but I'm aware of conversations. They follow the traditional PM model of other forums, basically, and are not what I'm looking for or my users want -- whispers as conceived of in Vanilla 1.x.x, private inline messages for existing discussions were a brilliant idea -- and unless I figure out a way to hack them into 2.x.x or an addon/app appears that can do it, we'll probably either stay on 1.1.10 or move another forum app entirely. I'd rather stay on Vanilla, but.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    No ETA on the search, sorry.
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    I also liked the old whispers, but I understand that they created massive problems with caching and hence performance on larger forums.

    I wonder if whispers v2 could be made to work with jQuery Templates and still retain the caching?

    My idea being that the main dicussion remains untouched and are left as they currently are, but whispers are attached to each comment, referencing the id, and then pulled into a page with JSON and rendered using jQuery Templates.

    Is this possible? Is it sensible?
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    I like the way you're thinking, sir.
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    Huh. I was certain I'd posted to this thread saying I was happy to see Whispers now in the github repository, and asking if there had been any movement on reasonably functional, granular search. But it seems to have disappeared.

    So here it is again.

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    "Apache Solr" can be used instead of default engine?

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