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Plugin request - User gallery

uniclueuniclue New
edited April 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hello, i would like to request a user gallery so that users on my vanilla2 forum can upload images to their own portfolio page. (profile page\portfolio (or something like that) They should be able to post a comment with their pictures and other should be able to comment on them and maybe give a rating. But the rating part is not that important

Does anyone know of a gallery like this already?


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    Really?! No one?...
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    Nothing like this has been created yet, vanilla 2 is still very young. The best way would be to hire a developer to make it for you.
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    I am wondering how much anyone here charges for making me this user gallery?
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    bump! I really want a user gallery.
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    I might take a look into this during November
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    I would LOVE to have a user gallery, same idea as uniclue. User upload, comments, ratings, and to not have to leave the forum and "sign in" again, which is what I'm looking at if I add another database gallery script.

    I haven't installed Vanilla Forums yet, but I love the social networking aspect of it. All that's holding me back is lack of a gallery.
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    edited November 2011
    Like all the others here I want to join in the request for a gallery plugin. Just like @uniclue describes it in the first post.
    • additional tab in the users profile just like "Notifications, Activity, Discussions, ..."
    • allow commenting and rating on pictures
    Besides that it would be nice to have some sort of button in the comment form to insert an image from your own gallery in one of your posts. Maybe a semi-transparent popup that shows only thumbnails of your images to browse through and click to add. Multi-insert by holding the Ctrl key would be cool too. Just an idea. :)

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    hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP
    I might take a look into this during November
    it's november... ;)
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    I'm also interested on this. badly :)

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin

    Any one can contact if you're interested in contracting a custom plugin and have a web development budget.

    On the other hand, this looks like a solid opportunity for a PHP developer to step up and make a plugin to sell and/or make a name for yourself. :)

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    422422 Developer MVP

    even spammers have to spam twice thick twats

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    Just seen this thread, favorited it.

    I actually already built this application to an extent, it was for a company, however, and was aimed at a different purpose.

    It was for custom products, and allowed users to browse and select images or upload their own.

    With a good bit of modification it could be exactly what you are looking for. I already have so much going on, though!

    And I'd rather not risk the legality of releasing a company's intellectual property....

    Now that I see how badly the community wants this type of application, however, I just may bump it's priority...

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    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a plugin like this too, in the meantime I might have to resort to using BuddyPress instead... :(

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    Alright, well throwing it out there then, who would be willing to donate for a community application?

    I can't afford to spend time on this right now, as much as I would enjoy it. I haven't worked in weeks, and the going is getting tougher.

    Would anyone be willing to donate through Paypal? I would devote 1 hour for each $10 donated, I usually go for higher wages, but hey...

    I have seen this done on other projects, and they actually got somewhere...

    I would predict somewhere around 20 hours to re-create an application utilizing what I learned in creating the other ones. No guarantees there, though.

    I will, of course, probably end up spending more time than allotted on the project if people are actually donating, I would not let someone donate $50 and abandon the project after 5 hours.

    If I get enough people here saying they support the idea, I will create a new thread with the link to donate, and track donations and progress in that thread.

    And a screenshot of one of the applications I was paid to create, since I don't have much credibility built in the community (aforementioned reason!), to assure you I'm serious about this.

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    You got 1 vote from me!

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    fh111fh111 Vanilla Padawan ✭✭


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    Cool, two votes for now works for me. I've started messing around with the idea and seeing what it would really take to get this working again.

    This was the very first application I wrote, and it is a complete mess. From the database up, this is going to require modification. The gallery and user uploads are completely seperate, and they need to be as one...

    It will basically go as such; I will work on the application when I can, and for ever $10 donated, I will devote an hour of uninterrupted time focused on the application.

    I'll start the thread about the application's development and some plans here in a bit.

    I would like to get a somewhat stable version up and running, first, however. I am working on that now.

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    Great news!
    Can't wait :)

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    Just wondering if there had been any progress on this? Anyone know of a plugin allowing users to have their own image gallery?

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