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Admin getting "Bonk" error message. Everyone else is okay

edited April 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I've just discovered VanillaForums and I love it! Finally a modern discussion forum!
Two days after I installed Vanilla I cannot access the front end at all. I am just getting the Vanilla error message:
Something funky happened. Please bear with us while we iron out the kinks."

Everyone else but me(admin) can use the front end. I am able to reach the backend if I browse to /index.php?p=/dashboard/settings but I cannot reach only /index.php

Could someone please tell me how I can fix this. I have no idea what happened


  • Maybe as simple as clearing your browser cookies?
  • Unfortunately not. I've tried to reset my browser without no success.

    I've tried to log in from a computer which has never tried to reach the domain where I my forums are located. From this new computer which has never tried to reach my forums, I can see the forums fine from a guest perspective. But as soon as I log in with my admin account I get the same error message as I described above...

    I would appreciate any help as this is highly disturbing
  • Well, if you can get to the Dashboard, have a look at the Admin privileges under Roles & Permissions. Maybe you inadvertently turned off the ability to view? Wouldn't usually give you a "bonk", but... Just a shot in the dark, sorry if not helpful.
  • No, that is not the issue. Thanks for the suggestion though, unfortunately I haven't changed any permissions. From my point of view, this just appeared "out of the blue". I can't come up with something I did prior to this that could've caused it.

    I fiddled with my forums the other night, when I went to visit the forums on the next morning, I received this message :S
  • This error seem to be caused by one of the preferences in the users-table.
    I changed the preferences column for my user from:

    a:1:{s:13:"Authenticator";s:8:"password";s:16:"PreviewThemeName";s:14:"Embed Friendly";s:18:"PreviewThemeFolder";s:13:"EmbedFriendly";}



    And this solved the problem
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