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Want to contribute: where to start?

Hello all,

I have some free time this month, and would like to contribute to Vanilla. Where should I start? What is needed the most? Bug fixes, addon development, usability audit, new features?

I noticed that there are many unanswered issues on Github, some going back as far as 2009. Should I go back and try to resolve some of these, or at least figure out the problem well enough that someone who knows the core better could easily fix it?

Who is actively developing Vanilla these days? What is the best way to communicate with these people?



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    ddumontddumont ✭✭
    I'd say all of the above!

    Clone the git repo and work on any bugs that you know of from using unstable. I'm told that recently the core devs (with the exception for @lincoln who's busy for other reasons) have been busy working on a customer deployment, so they may be slow to answer for a while.

    If you see a need for a plugin, or a plugin needs maintenance, that would also be a great way to help. (I've been dying for someone to update the pockets plugin to work with the mobile theme, and have not had a chance to look into it myself yet)

    There's plenty of work to be done. Hope you have a productive month :)

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited May 2011
    "Some going back as far as 2009" is a bit disingenuous. There's 1 issue from that long ago and it's a SQL framework to-do that has no effect on the forum. If they're flagged as 'Hold' or 'Request' then they're not currently a priority.

    Now, there are some legit ones going back as far as October, and yes any help on them would be GREATLY appreciated. The staff developers are Mark, Todd, and Tim. The best way to communicate with them re: issues is probably via GitHub tickets - they do watch them.

    I'm probably the easiest one to get to reply currently, but I don't frequently go after authentication or SQL driver issues because I don't know everything being done with them and don't want to break something. :)
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    Sorry Lincoln, I should have looked a bit closer. I just noticed the date on the oldest issue and didn't check any more recent. I also didn't notice the Hold tag.

    I've cloned the git repo and will see if I can tackle a few outstanding issues.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Sounds great! Welcome aboard.
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