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  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited July 2011
    @Shmizzle - Thanks! Should be fixed now.

  • We've had a voting system for a while now, but we've really noticed that it hasn't been used all that much by the community. We're not exactly sure why that is as we haven't received much feedback either.
    Two main reasons by my estimate:

    1. In order for voting to work it should be possible to list and sort discussions (not only comments) by vote, or at least it should be possible to impact sorting in "popular" view which is btw. still broken (pagebrowser not working). As it is right now it's pretty useless.

    2. It should be coupled with some kind of karma system. Stackoverflow gives a good example of this.

  • hyphyhyphy New
    edited July 2011
    Nice 'stache @tmilovan

    Back on topic people...
  • Nice 'stache @tmilovan
    Thanks :P
    Back on topic people...
    Oh, but this was on topic. I't saddened me to see voting gone, but yes, I could have been clearer.

    So, bring it back please! ;)

  • This Q&A system comes included in the Vanilla Open source?(available here)
  • lucluc ✭✭
    On a separate addon repo, but open source still.
  • Do you have a link for where it is?
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    okee lolled

  • lucluc ✭✭
    The "Back to Discussions" now links to http://vanillaforums.org/ which is kinda annoying.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    @Todd @Tim @Mark , could you please take care of this? That's extremely annoying to try to go back, or on mobile to click discussion and go back to the portal, and then have to click community again.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Unless they just changed something, "Back to Discussions" (under the Comment box) correctly goes to /discussions and it isn't present on the mobile version at all from what I see.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    edited July 2011
    They changed it (it was working 2 or 3 hours later). And it does exist in the moboile version, I've got one right next to where I'm writing this :)

    But the discussions link at the top of the mobile version still goes to /.
  • edited July 2011
    =>>Voting system vs Question&Answer

    Todd June 10 :
    "We've had a voting system for a while now, but we've really noticed that it hasn't been used all that much by the community.
    We're not exactly sure why that is as we haven't received much feedback either."
    "Got some feedback or feature idea? Talk about it here.
    I'd love to see people spit balling some extra fun ideas here."

    Lincoln June 11
    "Sexy. I have theories about why voting wasn't well-received, but suffice to say I think the Q&A structure is much simpler/elegant and more useful."

    I have a satisfatory answer:

    Voting system is for intangible evaluation, ex. a debate, discussion, opnion, policy etc...
    No empirical results to form.

    Votes evaluates concepts, is for reflection....

    Is good for evaluations : news, video, debate ...

    Q&A is for objective directions: yes or not, do this or that, this way...

    Nobody puts a "opnion" code in your script waiting that works...

    Q&A is for objective and efective purposes.

    Is good for : programmers, mechanical, engineering etc...

    How many lost time we lost reading things that no have ANSWER, nor led anywhere ?

    A pratical example :

    1- I want that my plugin works .

    I want QUICK ANSWER for that, better tool -> Q&A

    2- I want know, what type of plugins people waiting or what they think about such directions.

    I want evaluate my comunity goals, feelings and needs, proper tool -> Voting system

    Thus voting is a EXCELENT and VITAL tool.

    And Q&A is the missing leg of body.

    Both are GREATS...... if correctly applied

    You can add pooling system, but thus are 3 legs hehehehe

    For last :

    I consider these VITALS tools , it do the web LIVE, people stop being statics to become dynamic, it is a pun ok ?
  • I actually came to vanillaforums to spam it with my links to my blogs .. came across it using a link builder ... well it has come to my surprise that it is a forum... have been going thru a few threads and I like the content but most of all I like the theme setup especially the one with the comments and how many follows there are
  • shozen1shozen1 New
    edited August 2011
    Since you are adding support for localization, it may be helpful to add local time zones also...

    this is a big problem for us as our forum is a whole day behind in Taiwan.

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  • I really think that the voting wasn't being used because it had a weird UI. I don't know how to fix it but it didn't seem integrated into the site. Plus to be honest with you I turned it off on my site because it was ugly.
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