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Moving vanilla to different host with different domain

ronakgronakg New
edited July 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I'll be moving my vanilla forums to a different host and different domain (from .in to .com). What are the precautions I need to take? This is what I was planning to do -

1) Take backup of database and move it to new host (keep username, databasename etc same)
2) Take backup of all the files and move it to new host

I assume the links are relative so, they should take care of themselves.

Am I missing something here?

Best Answer

  • lucluc ✭✭
    Answer ✓
    That's server configuration.
    Even your non-embedded website doesn't work.


  • lucluc ✭✭
    Delete all ini files from the cache dir.
  • I did all these and deleted the ini files from cache directory. Now I can't login to forums. When I try, it is trying to reach my old domain. I can't validate the embedded version on my wordpress dashboard. Do I need to make any changes anywhere in some config files?
  • lucluc ✭✭
    Maybe some domain name in the conf/config.php.
    Not sure, don't have a live config file to check it out.
  • ronakgronakg New
    edited July 2011
    I checked the config file and have replaced the embedded URL etc to new domain. I checked database also but can't find anything suspicious.

    Still can't sign into the forums.
  • I need some help here. Still no luck with my forums on new host with new domain. I ran utility/update script to in hope that databases will get updated if they are not already.

    I suppose problem is the initial installation scripts. They haven't been run on new host and hence nothing works. All I have is files and database. When I try to click the link, it doesn't go to forum software and all I get is page not found.

    My forum is located at -
  • Some more information, when I try to access I get following error.

    Vanilla has already been installed.
    The error occurred on or near: /forum/applications/dashboard/controllers/class.setupcontroller.php

    33: // Fatal error if Garden has already been installed.


    35: $Installed = Gdn::Config('Garden.Installed') ? TRUE : FALSE;

    36: if ($Installed)

    37: throw new Exception('Vanilla has already been installed.');


    39: if (!$this->_CheckPrerequisites()) {

    40: $this->View = 'prerequisites';

    41: } else {


    [/forum/library/core/class.dispatcher.php:291] SetupController->Index();

    [/forum/index.php:51] Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch();
  • @Todd and other devs, I need some help here. I have tried every possible thing, but still can't get this thing to work.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    You don't need to reinstall/rerun setup when you move files and databases around.
  • I am out of options right now. I have tried disabling all plugins, took a fresh backup of files and database and made sure config files and database file had no reference to old host. I think that's not the issue. Issue is something else. Is there a way to debug this?
  • Some more information. I am getting a feeling here that my wordpress installation is conflicting with forum. All the forum links are getting parsed by wordpress.

    For example, now I am able to get to dashboard using index.php?p=/dashboard/settings/ but the 404 page from my wordpress shows up there as well. Not sure what is happening here.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    edited July 2011
    Check your .htaccess or your apache config.
  • ronakgronakg New
    edited July 2011
    both (in new and old installations) .htaccess files are same. I checked at both places, the one at root and the one inside my forum/ folder.

  • Can you take a look at my embedded forums page and see what is wrong? -
  • I also tried a fresh install and tried to import the file from old installation but import gives error saying format is not correct.

    Does vanilla2export script support latest beta version?
  • Anyone?
  • Hey guys, what is the option I have to keep my old forum content? Nothing? Do I have to start all over again?
  • lucluc ✭✭
    Answer ✓
    That's server configuration.
    Even your non-embedded website doesn't work.
  • So how do i figure this out? Should I try and see if fresh installation works?
  • @luc, fresh install works perfectly fine. No issues what so ever. Now I need some way to make vanilla2export work with the latest beta version. Right now it throws an error while importing saying - 'import file is not in correct format'.

    Can you help me modify the script to make it work with latest version?
  • @luc, can it be something to do with permalinks? I see those are not working and index.php?p=URL works.
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