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Is there a way for a plugin to override controller view?

edited August 2011 in Development
Well, I'm writing a set of auth plugins (instead of existing ones, since these are much of copy/paste which is wrong for maintenance and architectural issues). And now I've met that Entry controller Connect method does not support services that do not provide user email. The simplest fix is to tweak something in entry/connect.php view. But it seems that application views are not overridable by plugins. Is that correct? Could this be changed?


  • Also, I've tried creating new view with unique name ('connectnoemail'), and change controller view on the fly, and this still does not work - Vanilla still cannot find it.
  • LincLinc Vanilla's Bard (and Director of Development) Detroit Vanilla Staff
    The view should be overridable on the fly. Use $this->GetView('view.php') in the plugin to get the string to set as the view name.
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