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Download Links not readable

ShowfomShowfom New
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not readable

I can't download it, please check the server.


  • I'm having the same difficulty; I'm looking to replace bbPress with Vanilla, since I haven't been pleased with the decision to turn bbPress into a WordPress plugin, but this may not bode well...
  • @mark_m please give it a little time, the problem should be fixed easily
  • edited September 2011
    Downloading addons raise the same "not readable" comment as of today.
  • Any update, and what causes the problem?
  • Dang I wanted to try getting this as a form that is mobile ready would of been perfect for my needs but if I can't download it I can't use it.

    so the problem is not fixed yet.
  • Same... and its been a while
  • It was fixed two days ago i thought i dont need to report it any longer. But it has stopped working again.

    Is it really that hard to fix?
  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator
    edited September 2011
    They probably tried to migrate the addons site to a new server again. Here's a tip. It's a bit difficult, but you can get the files this way.
    Click on the "Download Now" button and then press the escape key on the screen that comes next. You will see this text:
    Your download should begin shortly If your download does not begin right away, click here to download now. Need help installing this addon? There should be a readme file in the addon with more specific instructions on how to install it. If you are still having problems, ask for help on the community forums.
    etc, etc
    When you click on the "download now" link you will get your file.
  • I'm experiencing this issue with file attachments on my forum now - has anyone reported a fix for the issue?

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