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Is embed plugin too buggy to use on live site?

edited October 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Seems to be issue after issue to do with the embed plugin and usage. So many posts on here about bugs/errors/issues that get no response, I'm getting errors on my site now too for some users, and all seem to involve embed plugin.

Any chance this plugin / the issues will be looked at by anyone soon-ish? I'm sure there'd be plenty ready to combine payment for issues to be sorted out.


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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    We have a lot of people using it in live sites, and it's gotten several fixes since even the last beta. What issues are you referring to exactly?
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    Search these forums for a number of outstanding unanswered issues, I've had a few of those.

    The most recent from someone who tried to register:

    I tried to register, but on the Apply for Membership page, there is this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function recaptcha_get_html() in /home/zavahost/public_html/ on line 52
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    This was a previous issue that the only workaround was to hack the core, which will be a pain if upgrading:

    I've also had to disable Google and Open ID registration/login options as it was continually too buggy. There's many posts on these forums about that, many with no responses/solutions from anyone.

    I appreciate Vanilla is open source, worked on by volunteers ...etc, which is fine so long as I know it's at a certain level but not quite up to an enterprise level app. All I read from you guys about Vanilla lead me to believe it was enterprise level, which I would expect to include the "approved" plugins.
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    LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Are you sure the recaptcha_get_html issue is related to the Embed plugin?

    The welcome email can be easily overridden using a locale.php file in your conf folder.

    We don't often have time to provide free support on this forum which is why we rely on the community to help each other.
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    With regards to the recaptcha issue, on searching here and Googling it seems to be only happening for those using the embed feature.

    And community support is a good goal, however it's struggling a little at the moment for some issues. Any answers I discover I'll certainly post, however not being a programmer won't be of any technical level in most instances.
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    @deeve007 I'm sure that the Vanilla developers would be open to a support contract! Their time has as much value as yours - why should they give it away for free? I agree that there are quite a few annoying little glitches with embedded (there's a beauty if you use embedded and the cleditor together) but I really can't complain for a free product. I'm pretty sure the enterprise level quality is for their paid support, like what they are doing for Penny Arcade. I'm new here too, and didn't even look into paid products, so take everything I just said with a grain of salt though!
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    I'm fine with free product = community support, as I wrote above. However if a developer "approved" plugin is as buggy as this maybe it shouldn't be approved, so I can then decide a little easier that it's not a reliable solution, and thus don't spend the great deal of time I have done trying to get it to work bug free, but instead can look at other solutions if I choose.

    As you say, everyone's time is of value, and I feel I've spent a LOT of my time needlessly due to a buggy plugin.

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin

    I'd love to see the patches you came up with.

    Our known and/or fixed issues are pretty easy to find:

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    What else do you need apart from the exact file I edited and the edit I made??

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