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Have you Noticed the new Like Button on vanillaforums.org?



  • Like button is kind of must nowadays.
    When can we expect this ?

    Cant wait !

  • I see you released it on the Vanilla hosted edition. When can we expect this in the community edition?

  • 422 said:
    I have always preferred the term , flag , to abuse.. It does kind of ask for ppl to abuse the abuse function.
    Bit like , like and dislike.. I prefer unlike or not like.

    yes my users use flag for more than just spam/abuse, sometimes just to point something out to the mods.

  • XarcellXarcell North Carolina

    After having alot of experience with a "like" feature in forums nowadays, I find it coming up short. Just plan old likes is a thing of the past in my opinion, yet many user's are just now being turned on to it.

    The best way for me to explain how to take likes a step further, is just to show where someone took the concept and turned it into a plugin for xenforo.


    If you want to test it out, just register at this forum and hover each post:

    To me, "Spam" and "Abuse" are the same and should just be "Flag" or "Report". Kinda redundant to have both. I can see user's abusing the "Abuse" link pretty often. If you have a bunch of moderators that's great, otherwise it would be a pain to have.

  • great feature... these would definitely help. also wanted to know what is "promote"? what does it do on a forum and why would someone click it?

  • JoneJone New
    edited October 2012


  • What happened with that feature ?

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP


    Welcome to the community.

    You would be better starting a new thread, rather than posting on one that is 5 years old and refers to a much older version of Vanilla.

    Check out the YAGA addon if you are looking for reactions:

    Note that is an application, so goes in the applications folder.

  • Ok. Thank you, and sorry for necro.

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