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Questions before I use...

edited October 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.3
I'm developing an AJAX web app and would like to use a forum to display all of my sites content, vs a blog or typical cms. The page should load once (when the user first visits the site) and never again which is why I'm drawn to Vanilla, because of embed .

Would it be possible to do the following using plugins I would code myself:
1) User specific css - Each user should have their own color theme css file, or a default for visitors
2) Custom profile pages with custom fields - Each profile should display last 20 posts for a specific forum, upload files, etc
3) User created subforums - I would like each user to be able to create a subforum for themselves in a specific forum. Is this possible?

I'm assuming it's all possible, even if I have to manually modify the Vanilla code.


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