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Post Approval plugin release (manual install)

jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
edited November 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I decided to release the code for a Post Approval plugin I developed for one of my forums. It's provided "as-is" and requires several fairly significant manual changes to the core code in order to function (all of which are documented). I wasn't going to release it until it became possible to achieve this functionality without modifications, but for the adventurous among you I decided it would be nice if you had the option to use it if you wanted to. It's not a perfect solution (not yet), but it works. Note this is for 2.0.18 only.

You can find the download here along with some additional information. Note that I take no responsibility for apocalyptic forum destruction. :O Backup your stuff, as usual.

Eventually I also plan to release a plugin for Display Names in a similar manner. It too requires some manual changes, but it's not quite ready even for pre-release yet.



  • May I suggest that you upload it to the addons db here.

    And also, releasing the source on something like github or google code so that interested 3rd parties might contribute some back to you?

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  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
    edited November 2011
    If there's an interest I can put it up on github or something (honestly I didn't know if anyone would care). I wasn't going to upload it as an addon to this site until it works without having to modify the core.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    Have you submitted a pull request with the new hooks?

    I was following along OK til the "replace all of Save2" - got details on what you'd need in there to make this work?
  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
    Yeah every modification listed I already made as a pull request, but you guys seemed pretty set on releasing 2.0.18 before making any major changes (understandable) like that so I think they've just been sitting there (I also don't know if it's the best way of implementing it or not).

    The reason is that I needed to be able to call Save2 (and the similar function I created for discussions) from a plugin in order to send notifications and update post counts when a post is approved (also to stop them from being sent when a post is first created). Save2, however, used a userID from the session, so I had to be able to override that with the InsertUserID. The function for discussions never existed in the first place, it was all part of Save.
  • Thanks for letting me know about this - sounds just what we need - will give it a go.
  • jspautschjspautsch Themester ✭✭✭
    Thanks for letting me know about this - sounds just what we need - will give it a go.
    No problem, let me know if you need any help.
  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    OK, I'll have a look at the pull requests soon.
  • OT: @Lincoln you took an issue I reported but I sent a pull request for it, so you won't have to fix it. Just take my pull request if you like it.

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