Sniping a comment made by Tim... a request for you guys

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What most people (all people?) who post here seem to have a rough time understanding is that we *want* a TON of things for Vanilla. Literally a metric ****ton of things. Good things. Cool things. *Amazing* things.

We want these amazing things very very badly. It's not like we're running out of ideas and just sitting here playing scrabble with each other. We're actively working, 10+ hours a day on a bunch of different things. But there are 3 of us coding.

We. Don't. Have. Infinite. Time.
Christmas time is almost here. And while I'm no santa, and I can't get you more time for christmas, I might be able to help here and there with some of the cool ideas you want so badly.

Please post a list of your roadmap, who's working on what, and when you think it will be done. (using milestones on github might be a good way to start)

I can look it over and take some of the low hanging fruit till I get more experience with the core inner workings of things.

I'm sure other ppl who hang out here will find the info invaluable even if not for directly helping you.

I know, I know... it does sound like more work for you guys... but I have to think you already have some plans written down somewhere. ;)


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