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Sniping a comment made by Tim... a request for you guys

ddumontddumont ✭✭
What most people (all people?) who post here seem to have a rough time understanding is that we *want* a TON of things for Vanilla. Literally a metric ****ton of things. Good things. Cool things. *Amazing* things.

We want these amazing things very very badly. It's not like we're running out of ideas and just sitting here playing scrabble with each other. We're actively working, 10+ hours a day on a bunch of different things. But there are 3 of us coding.

We. Don't. Have. Infinite. Time.
Christmas time is almost here. And while I'm no santa, and I can't get you more time for christmas, I might be able to help here and there with some of the cool ideas you want so badly.

Please post a list of your roadmap, who's working on what, and when you think it will be done. (using milestones on github might be a good way to start)

I can look it over and take some of the low hanging fruit till I get more experience with the core inner workings of things.

I'm sure other ppl who hang out here will find the info invaluable even if not for directly helping you.

I know, I know... it does sound like more work for you guys... but I have to think you already have some plans written down somewhere. ;)

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  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
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    Well that's a very nice offer and I'll have to think more deeply on it.

    One thing on the js side of things off the top of my head is I'd really like to see our jquery.popup.js cleaned up. We programmed that way early on, adapting it from a standard popup plugin, but it has way too many options and is kind of a mess right now. One thing it doesn't have though is the ability for popups to open links within the popup which I'd like to see.

    As for other low-hanging fruit, I'll have to think on that, but maybe other people have stuff they want.


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