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Hi, I uploaded Kudos but it's not showing up - what am I doing wrong?

This discussion is related to the Kudos Plugin addon.
edited December 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Hi, I uploaded kudos to my plugins and it's not showing up - I can't enable it because it doesn't show up in the plugins. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



  • when you unzip, are you sure you are uploading the folder 'kudos' and not whatever the downloaded file name is called, as the correct folder is usually another folder in. It should be the folder with either default.php or class.kudos.plugin.php in it. Also check that one of those is actually in there

  • OK, let me check, thanks so much clethrill!

  • The first folder says kudos-plugin-3-0. Inside that folder is _MACOSX and Kudos. Do I need to move Kudos up one level and just delete the macosx file?

    PS, some of my other plugins work.

  • Tried that, and it worked! Thanks clethrill! So I have another question, is this your favorite plugin for this sort of thing - giving the users a way to give other users a ranking of sorts? Or is there something you like more?

  • No worries, yes it is my favourite, although I was planning on tweaking it a bit to give a better all round experience, as at the moment liking/+1ing something feels a bit shallow and empty.

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